The cat creates prey

Karim Benzema


The cat makes prey

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Real Madrid’s must-see player: Karim Benzema.

(Photo: Jose Britton / Imago / NoorPhoto)

José Mourinho quipped, Ronaldo’s shadow was long and then there was something of a sex tape: Karim Benzema had long been a striker that Madrid fans didn’t quite understand – now he’s spending the season of his life.


Javier Caceres, Paris

Javier Marias asks: “Don’t you want to know the prognosis?” Then the writer comes up with a story that should stop at those who believe in psychic powers and support Real Madrid.

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Cardiac pneumatic penis.

body language


“The decisive thing is beyond words”

Amber Heard vs Johnny Depp

Your Excellency

young woman sitting by a beach at sunset in winter;  All the best


“We can ease our grief”

Joseph Aldenhof

Josef Aldenhoff in conversation

‘Sexuality is often annoying’

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