Liam Gallagher’s new album: ‘The rest are all useless’

Ah, those sayings, this out loud, this is all a full-on continuous, wide-legged brawl. Fabulous. Where would rock be without guys like this? William John Paul Gallagher, born 49 years ago in Burnage, Manchester, is best known as the lead singer of the paranoid band. oasis, still finds himself with the utmost conviction. Man, for nearly 30 years he has been dancing admirably on the fine line between big and absurd.

For example, the stage with the stupid hat again. Something from the ear-obsessed class. completely wrong. He wandered this way for weeks, even standing on stage with her. Nobody but him, really nobody, thought the hat was cool. photographer New Musical Express However, he said at the appointment that he would not take it off under any circumstances. “It will be a trend!”

“If you can’t steal from Tescos, where can you steal from?”

Or the story of theft: He spoiled his son Jin with a few others rich kids They were caught (including Ringo Starr’s grandson, no joke). It was about a bottle of gin at Tescos, sort of the UK equivalent of Aldi’s. The whole thing came before the court. Liam Gallagher’s General Comment: “If you can’t steal from Tescos, where can you steal from? This country is finished.” yes!

Doctors have also been telling Gallagher for a long time that he desperately needs an artificial joint. His hip is gone. But this is out of the question. Operations, health, all nonsense. If he only takes a few pills, that’s how things should go. Plus, of course, this look. Always. Unforgiving bullying, equal parts cool, provocative and downright frank.

It is still a complete work of art. Someone no one understands. For example, Dave Grohl has seen a lot of exotic birds in his life, but he also says he doesn’t always know what’s going on with Liam Gallagher. It was like, “It’s like putting a coin in a jukebox and lifting it up. He’s the last real rock star!” To which, by the way, the praise responded via Twitter: “True.. the rest are all useless.”

That’s exactly why Liam Gallagher’s hearts are suddenly back in his homeland, more so than ever. Thirteen years after the end of the Oasis, and twenty years after the end of Bretpop and “Wonderful Britain”, in the midst of the madness of the Boris Johnson years, between the chaos of Brexit, the scandals of Downing Street and the rules of the pandemic, Britons are seemingly eager to come next. Someone who goes their own way, no matter how strange or strange, regardless of right or wrong. Brilliant sublime speech without thinking. Who does not constantly doubt reality, but does not care about anything. On behalf of everyone else who has to worry so much every day – work, family, everyday life, worries.

The relationship has changed since then. Appreciated Noel Gallagher – Liam Mehboob

In previous years his brother Noel was believed to have won the race. The intelligent, the man of clever words – and above all with good songs. They were all by him, “Live forever”, “Cigarettes and alcohol”, “Wonder wall”, “Don’t look back with anger”. In English folklore, anyone can sing. After Oasis’ life transcending saga ended in a backstage sibling fight in 2009, Noel made much better records. It seemed very logical. On the other hand, Liam founded the medium-success band with Remnants of Oasis Al Ain Kharazy. Two individual records followed. Both are okay but not great.

The relationship has changed since then. Noel Gallagher Appreciated – Liam Beloved. Noel maintains a cynical distance from the world – Liam shows no mercy, either with the world or with himself. When he’s on stage and bullying his vocal cords on old choirs so that just listening to it will injure the throat, that’s exactly what good old rock ‘n’ roll and all its clichés are always about: we’re against the rest of the world. give it all. Hit it like there’s no tomorrow. etc.

It’s more about attitude, not songs. Good luck Liam Gallagher. Because his third solo album is solid, but it’s not really a masterpiece. It’s called “Let’s You Know” and it has some good tunes and some nice arrangements. But, to address the elephant in the room directly: There’s no refrain from the Noel© quality class there.

Gallagher had a lot of help writing. Didn’t help much

It begins with the children’s choir. Church day mood, crazy. You have to trust yourself first. “I wish I had more strength,” Gallagher shouts, then his band escalates into a two-chord wildfire that should be toward the end of the album. But well, here is someone who wants everything right from the start. Accurate, contemplative, large, widescreen display. Completely billet in four minutes and 23 seconds.

Then he briefly dips the brush into each color in his paint can. Swing the radio’s hip a bit on ‘Diamond In The Dark’ Sure, the Gallagher Brothers Enjoy Music stone roses grow. “Don’t Go Halfway” reminds us of the humble songs from Oasis’ last two albums. Heavy bass, lots of guitar core. The title track “C’Mon You Know” is played by the eighth note bum-bum-bum, which Noel also played Velvet Underground He stole for the great Oasis song “Mucky Fingers”. However, none of that really stands out. Despite all the colleagues who helped him write.

“Too good to give up” is the obligatory contribution from the Ideas box called “Imagine/Hey Jude”. Gorgeous piano chords, beautiful, but not quite as good as the Christmas song “All You Dream of”, which he released surprisingly at the end of 2020.


And then there’s more of everything—hit-rock in Weird Pants (“Everything Electric” written for him by Dave Grohl), a folk song (“The World Needs”) with really simple lines: “Come on, honey / I’m waiting for you here.” Amid it all, the poorly titled “Moscow Bases” went on the record long before Putin’s attack on Ukraine. Apparently it can not be changed. He drew criticism from the press. Gallagher didn’t care.

“I’m free” moves correctly, but it doesn’t really move out of place. “Better Days” is almost the hopeful big song. Rhythm the Beatles (“Tomorrow Never Knows”), plus a strong inflection finally, the phrase “Beliiiiiieve Meeeeee.” But here, too, the beat often stops, and the song breaks down every few meters. The main problem with this album: It looks like a car with ignition damage. Start, slow down, start, and slow down.

The best then, after all, at the end – “Oh, sweet children”, a sincerely tender, sincerely touching song. In verses, singing is partially free without accompaniment. And that’s exactly what sets this bird Liam Gallagher apart: he’s ready to show himself completely naked at any time. He often throws himself into vocal lines that are hard to understand. Often leans away from the window. Often times he exposes himself to the startling laughter of his fellow men with his words. And here now: so quietly, so close, as if to say Look, this is me, defenseless. Here I stand and I can do otherwise.

As the old saying goes: “It’s the singer, not the song.”

So it will be in front of the fans again in a few days. He did amazing and sold Kenborth twice. Two outdoor concerts at the festival site of the same name. Oasis played there twice in a row in 1996, at the height of its success, with a total of 250,000 spectators. Historic brand, to this day. Now that his brother doesn’t want anything to be done with him at all, Liam Gallagher is doing it alone (at least on the slightly microsite).

But as the old saying goes: “It’s the singer, not the song.” In the end, fans want not only to hear the songs, but the voice of Oasis. So: this sound. his voice. When Noel Gallagher plays songs, they cheer – but when Liam sings them, they go crazy. Perhaps because they can close their eyes for a moment and pretend they hear “Oasis”. Probably because it was all like it was when Tony Blair was prime minister and life was somehow more joyful and simple. They will be lying in each other’s arms meaningless on the 3rd and 4th of June. Liam Gallagher will squeak and moan until the sound is gone. He will roam around on stage as best his hips allow. Maybe he’s wearing some stupid hats and he’s sure to stare at the audience with his chin in between songs. It will give people what they need now. An hour and a half working class dreams between laughter and tears.

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