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Daniel Schlums (30 years old) was the only player to take part in the World Championships for Finland. Less than 24 hours after the quarter-finals, we met him at home for an interview

Hardships are still written all over Daniel Schlums’ face as he invites us onto his rooftop for an interview. Less than 24 hours ago he was on the ice with the German national ice hockey team in the World Cup quarter-finals in Helsinki. Now the 30-year-old is sitting on garden furniture in Füssen’s old town – his son Leon (2) hugs him on his lap.

The reporter wants to know what is more important, pride in what has been achieved or disappointment in the 4-1 defeat to the Czech Republic. “It’s hard to answer, maybe you’ll ask me again in a few days,” Schlums says. For him, the only Allgäuer in the team was the premiere of the World Cup. “Emotions and impressions are still very refreshing,” Schmols says. He then pays: “I really couldn’t let it sink.”

This is how Daniel Schlums of Vossen fought his first ice hockey world championship

No wonder: Schlums only had one night to sleep on their bitter World Cup defeat against the Czechs. The plane took off from Helsinki shortly before 7:00 local time Munich far. Then get in the car to go home. And so Schlums did indeed return to his hometown on this sunny afternoon. The green ribbon bearing his credential is still lying on the sofa, the national team uniform on a sideboard.

Meanwhile, young boy Lion walks into the apartment, obviously proud of his father’s memento: an original toy puck. For nearly six weeks, he barely or intermittently saw his father. Accordingly, he was very happy to see him again when his father was at the door on a Friday afternoon.

Of course, Schlums was also happy to hug his family again. However, he would have liked to postpone it for a few days. “I think we played a strong tournament – the best preliminary round ever.”

“The weak transfer of chances is the main reason for the Czech World Cup against the Czech Republic”

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It is a pity that this road has come to an abrupt end. Millimeters were missing, says the 30-year-old. It alludes to Czech goalkeeper Karel Vejmelka, who has always put part of his body between himself and the black hard rubber disc and the red goal line. And when that didn’t help either, the bars saved the pregnancy three times. “There are such games,” Schlums says. It is a pity that he lacked effectiveness in the quarter-finals. “The opportunities were there.” In the second half, he, too, missed a goal – it could have been his first goal in the tournament.

Daniel Schlums received over 135 minutes of ice time at the Ice Hockey World Championships in Finland

But his World Cup debut record is also impressive. Schmölz was one of the few on the team to play all eight games and scored around 135 minutes of ice time. “I knew I had to fight for every change, every second of the Ice Age – I managed it so well.”

Schmols was something like an “unsung hero,” the notable little hero. As a striker, he often went where it hurts during the tournament, as he himself says. It was precisely because of this ability that national coach Toni Soderholm recommended him.

Daniel Schlumz: ‘Now we’re closing down’

However, his physically demanding game influenced Schmulz. His eyes, hidden under his black baseball cap, looked tired. “I’m not going to do anything for the next few days, just shut the door,” he says. In a few weeks we will be going on vacation in Greece with the family. “But only for a week.” Son Lion is also allowed to attend. Schmols says that at some point he wants to bring him back from the World Cup. But that dad drowned in the goal.

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