Ex-9live Jauch broker advises to win huge prize

The winning father in Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? Big Gambler’s Show Of course it would have been a huge hit on Father’s Day. But there is no script in Hollywood for the RTL show. The audition night was entertaining though. This was mainly due to Lars Hermes. The single from Hamburg isn’t (yet) a father, but he was a winner The Joyful Father’s Day Edition: With a big mouth and great guts, he’s proven to be a worthy player theme.Professional, Hermes is a brand partner of speech therapy practices.

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Read more after the announcement

After the council president’s predecessor reported his own hair transplant and Hermes underwent the same procedure, Gunther Gautsch joked, “Father’s Day is all about medical hair transplantation, we wanted to focus on ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?'” He explained with humor.

Speaking of joke: Lars Hermes entertained the audience with an anecdote from his time as an official at the now-defunct 9live contest announcer: after calling a pastry press a penis pump, he received a warning, was banned for a year, and the product donor went out. Jauch claimed he had the freedom of fools in RTL and was allowed to say it all. However, he did not dare to test…

Jauch: “I’m the only natural beauty still sitting here”

The €16,000 question: “Which city was the most populous in the Federal Republic on the day before unification?” The options were: Berlin (West), Hamburg, Munich, Bonn. The eloquent candidate put forward an eloquent statement. The theme of the evening was: “Go big or go home!”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Jauch congratulated and at the same time explained one of the most difficult rules of private gambling: “Pass the first nine questions without a joker – now you can let her rip or get help.” The candidate did the same for €32,000 Question: “In which list of address holders do you find ‘Rote Emmalie’ and ‘Weinberger Schloßkipfler’?” Butterfly of the year, grape variety of the year, children’s book of the year, potatoes of the year?

Lars Hermes asked Gauch to congratulate the Joker on his birthday, which he did. The medium was amazed when Hermes explained that the Joker had also performed a hair transplant. “In all humility, I am the only natural beauty still sitting here,” Gunther Josh summed it up. The Joker inclined uncertainly to the answer, “The Potato of the Year.” Lars Hermes bet and submit!

“He was never on the show”

For €64,000, Jauch wanted to know: “Who discovered his passion for theater when Bono pulled him out of the audience at a U2 concert to help play guitar?” Think the extra Joker: Michael Mittermayr. After the next 50:50 Joker, Lars Hermes explained, “I gamble.” In fact, Mittermeier was right.

For the €125,000 question, the candidate Joker chose the audience: “The Depths of the Depths are built for…?” The swarm’s IQ was 88 percent for “diving deep”. When I took the filter off the microphone transmitter, a battery fell out. When Gautsch searched for them on the ground, he muttered: “You can’t hear them anymore, that’s what…” The audience laughed, but Gautsch only jokingly meant it: though Lars Hermes chatted a lot, he was always amused. .

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Read more after the announcement

“You’ll get a handheld mic, just like in a hit parade,” Jauch promised and handed him. He couldn’t resist another dig: “This mic is remote controlled! If someone talks too much, the self-ignition mechanism blows the battery… This never happened in the show.” Hermes followed the group’s argument and chose the correct answer c.

“But sometimes the eggs aren’t that big after all.”

When asked the €250,000 question, Hermes again bet: “Among the animals in which there are specimens with behavioral problems that experts call ‘mirror fencing’?” Birds, spiders, fish, insects? “There is still a chance of a few seconds for a quarter of a million,” Gunter Gautsch pressed. “A, birds!” shouted the candidate. He surprised the guests in the studio and the director with his brave reaction. “I have to catch my breath—and you at home, too,” Gauch decided. After the trade break, the decision: Expect right again! “yes!” Hermes shouted excitedly. Gauch was excited: “If he doesn’t exist, he doesn’t exist! Crazy!”

The €750,000 question: “Which movie character appears four times on the American Film Institute’s list of the 100 Greatest American Films?” Forrest Gump, Rick Blaine, Rhett Butler, Vito Corleone? Lars Hermes began: “It’s called Zocker Special.” A hum passed in the audience, and Gauche released an unidentified sound that expressed astonishment. But the sentence ended like this: “But sometimes the eggs aren’t that big after all.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

“Are you drunk on your own stories?”

Hermes left 250 thousand euros. Before that, Gauch decided: “Now we’ll just solve.” “What next?” asked Hermes. Then Gauch: “Well, the question. You’re so drunk on your stories that you love, Where am I?” The correct answer would be: Rick Blaine in Casablanca, played by Humphrey Bogart.

Anna Hack from Siegburg got 32,000 euros. Susan Haller made a bet from Gernsbach and it fell to €1,000. It also turned out that Jan Casula was a gambler and received 125,000 euros. Nadine Skrzybczak from Gelsenkirchen dropped from 4,000 to 1,000 euros.


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