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The Cannes Film Festival Palms will be awarded on Saturday. What are the chances of the three Hamburg productions in competition? A conversation with Helge Albers, President of Moin Film Funding.

by Patricia Battle

Today, the latest competition films from the 75th Cannes Film Festival are shown. Kelly Richart’s movie “Appearance” will finally be shown. The jury on French actor Vincent Lyndon will have to agree by Saturday who will get the gold medal and the other palm trees at the festival.

“Calm” – a story about the ghostly submarine of Albert Serra

The managing director of Moin Film Funding, Helge Albers, accompanied the world premieres of the six funded films. Three of them are in competition.

On Thursday, Albert Serra’s “Pacifiction,” co-produced by Hamburg’s Tamtam and funded by the Moin Film Fund, celebrated its world premiere. In it, the French High Commissioner in Tahiti (Benoit Magimel) constantly feels the pulse of the local population, from which anger can explode at any time. This is even more true as the rumors persist: a submarine has allegedly been seen, and its ghostly presence has announced the resumption of French nuclear testing.

The France-Spain-Germany-Portugal co-production is impressive with powerful images and has been hailed by Britain’s Guardian as a “horrific mystery film” from Tahiti.

“The Holy Spider” and “The Triangle of Sadness” are very powerful films

Director Ali Abbasi faces photographers when shooting for the film

Ali Abbasi has a good chance of winning the Golden Palm in Cannes with the movie “Holly Spider”.

Media reports said that the movie “Holy Spider” directed by Ali Abbasi and funded in northern Germany has a good chance of winning the Palme d’Or. “Robin Ostlund’s ‘Sorrow Triangle’ and Ali Abbas’ ‘Holy Spider’ are very strong films,” says Helge Albers, Managing Director of Moin Filmförderung Hamburg Schleswig-Holstein. “I was able to experience two great cinematic performances with a standing ovation. I didn’t measure it, but it was seven to ten minutes easily.” Albers says competition with three Moin Filmförderung-funded films is strong.

The world premiere of Robin Ostlund’s satirical ‘Triangle of Grief’ got more laughs than any other film in the competition. A film with “many great ideas,” according to Helge Albers. The battle of quotes and the idea of ​​prostitution as a guy for pretzel sticks is great. “The role twist, this exaggeration, is very contemporary, funny, clever and big. It’s a great movie. I’m sure it would do well.”

A troubled woman with beads of sweat on her forehead - a scene from entering the Cannes competition

My voice: The Favorite Sacred Spider in Cannes by Iranian director Ali Abbasi (4 minutes)

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A scene from the movie Robin Ostlund

His competition film for Cannes “Triangle of Sadness”, which has a lot of videos set in Hamburg, is a very intellectual — and very crazy, says the Swede. more

The Burning Days: A powerful film by Amin Albert

Out of competition, “Burning Days” by Emin Alper was shown in the “Un Certain Regard” series. “This is also one of our dear ones,” says Albers. “We supported the film in the German-Turkish Joint Development Fund. We financed it with the Berlin-Brandenburg Film Fund and the Istanbul Festival.” The Development Fund deals with Turkish films without which this would not have been possible. “It must be said that the political situation in Turkey is still very volatile and that there is an urgent need for initiatives to help the film industry.”

The film “thrown him” at the premiere, says Albers: “He is strong visually and narratively, very courageous, critical of the system, but not in the face, but brilliantly. He also has great actors.” It’s a great movie that covers the entire cinematic spectrum: thriller, crime, courtroom drama, some black and action movies.

75th Cannes Film Festival: “Festival of Normalization”

All in all, this 75th edition of the International Film Festival is a “normalizing festival”. Albers: “North Americans are well represented, but not all of Asia is there. China in particular is completely missing out.” Buyers remain wary about the huge film market in Cannes: “We still need a little better understanding of how the market and visitor numbers will develop after Corona.”

A positive aspect can be seen in the distribution of Hamburg titles in Cannes: “The films ‘Triangle of Sadness’ and ‘Holy Spider’ are sold like hot cakes! Both have been sold all over the world, to very good distributors, and will be highly valued. Well.” All the other movies Moin supports are also so good that they definitely sell well.

Another film from Schleswig-Holstein celebrates its world premiere on Friday: the short film “Beiben”, produced with the film workshop in Kiel. It is a great pleasure and honor to have the participating filmmakers in Cannes.

In the end, it all comes down to a single moment in Cannes, according to Albers: “The whole cinema hall, the dark screen, the projector turns on and the movie starts. That’s what it all boils down to, no matter what happens. All sales and parties here are accessories.” .

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