Will Netflix be cheaper soon? The streaming service is planning this change!

For a long time, things were going well for Netflix and the number of subscriptions was steadily increasing. That’s enough of it! The latest quarterly numbers haven’t been good at all for the streaming service. For the first time, Netflix lost more subscribers than it gained. The company registered 200,000 fewer subscriptions. This has consequences. On the other hand, Netflix is ​​planning a cheaper subscription model to attract new customers. On the other hand, Netflix also wants to delete a function that many people are currently using.

The decreasing numbers cannot be explained solely by the fact that Netflix is ​​no longer attractive to some users. In a letter to contributors, the group wrote that the war in Ukraine is also affecting the number of subscribers. As part of the sanctions against Russia, Netflix pulled out of the country – and lost 700,000 subscribers. But sanctions are not alone responsible for the decline. In its second quarter forecast, Netflix expects fewer subscribers to reach two million. But why are so many people turning their backs on what was once the most popular streaming platform? Is Netflix No Longer Competitive Or Too Expensive?

Netflix announces cheaper subscription – with ads

Perhaps it is really the prices that alienate some users. The cheapest subscription in Germany costs 7.99 euros. This makes providers like Apple TV+ or RTL+ much cheaper. Netflix also has a lot of competition internationally for the cheapest prices. One of its biggest competitors, Disney+, recently announced a cheaper one, in part Ad-funded subscription To deliver – and that’s exactly what Netflix seems to be copying. While the group has consistently ruled out advertisements, there is now a rethinking. Reed Hastings, CEO of Netflix, said in a call with an analyst: “Those who have followed Netflix know that I am against complex advertising and love the simplicity of subscribing. But as much as I support it, I am also a fan of consumer choice. Giving consumers who want a lower price and are tolerant of what they want It’s very logical.”

Many details about the ad-funded subscription model are still unknown. If you want to use Netflix cheaper, you should do it Wait at least another year. It is also unclear what price this subscription will be available at.

Perhaps Netflix will also succeed in attracting users with many new series and seasons. Anyway, we’re particularly looking forward to these in 2022:

Netflix wants to take tougher action against joint accounts

There is another way to use Netflix at a cheaper rate, however, that can be phased out in the future. The company also sees one reason for the low subscription numbers in the fact that many people are sharing the account. In the premium model for 17.99 euros it is possible to have up to 5 profiles, which theoretically reduces the costs per person to 3.60 euros. However, Netflix guidelines state that this form is only used by people who live in the same household. However, the subscription is often shared between friends or colleagues who live in different apartments. On the other hand, Netflix has been somewhat tepid in the past. Since the number of subscribers is increasing anyway, this “issue” was not a priority for the group, as Reed Hastings explained in his statement. Now, however, that could change. Testing is already underway in South America where people who share their account have to pay an extra $2.99. If the project is successful, it can be deployed globally. It is still uncertain how much it will cost to share an account in Germany. In addition to the new earning opportunities, Netflix is ​​also looking at how to save costs. This may have a significant impact on the program in the future.

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