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The fireworks, colorful lights and the sound of Alvorn made entering the tunnel an amazing experience. © Jacob Salzman

Music, drama, performances and fireworks were presented in places where no one would expect such performances: the three-day “Runde um den Block” festival in Halver offered a journey of discovery for all the senses.

Halver – Under difficult circumstances – due to a storm in Germany – culture buffs immersed themselves in the colorful world of arts on Friday’s ’round the block’. In keeping with the severe weather warning, the three-day festival, which featured about 100 professional artists, local cultural workers and behind-the-scenes assistants, started two hours late. The rain had already faded by then, and visitors bravely braved the still raging wind.

People are sympathetic to the late start

Anyone who booked their first (unusual) period of time for a Pandemic City Tour participated in the action with one of the following groups or the following day. “People showed so much understanding,” praised Jana Eilhardt of the artistically luminous Villa Weberman, which was the starting point for the sudden adventure trip and the first thing that caught the magical eye of the sensual spectacle.

In small groups oriented with the names of Greenland, Florida or Sydney, visitors began their cultural journey of discovery, which often led to places where no one would have guessed music, drama, performances, dance, fireworks, pantomime, light art, and much more. Incredibly and surprisingly, garages, backyards, green spaces and rooftops have become the stage for atmospheric, original, expressive and fun short shows unparalleled in diversity.

Even the comfortable ride including the wonderfully odd railroad staff, as visitors first had to do a warm-up dance before they could pedal, Western-style attack and tour guide kidnapping had their place in this imaginative mix of ideas. It was absolutely stunning at the entrance to the tunnel, where the singing of majestic heights, dazzling light effects, the sounds of Alvorn and fireworks formed an amazing combination.

Once we “digested” one cultural news, we moved on to the next, which was completely different and appealing to the other senses. Surprisingly, the pedestrians “around the block” brought back their kidnapped guide of newspaper-reading craftsmen who were sitting for the best seats on a bench over the tunnel.

From Villa Wippermann, the tour led through the city center via Frankfurter Strasse, where an angel dressed in white with huge wings showed the way, to the square behind the slate houses. Two dancers danced with their expressive dance to the talented cello sounds.

Handcar ride and Bonbon Express

The drummer’s competition – conducted roof-to-ceiling with great whimsy – awaits visitors on the Bahnhofstrasse. There were magical moments in the truest sense of the word when opening an inconspicuous garage in the backyard. The storytellers found an attentive audience on the can phones in front of the city library. Before boarding the carriage, Bonbon-Express, any model railway leaving the Kulturbahnhof, brought great fun to all.

The Block Carousel set up a long “Putin Table” in the countryside, where the dictator made visitors dance to their tunes. At Werkhof, Germany’s oldest DJ, Ruud van Laar (79), silently made the groups move with his silent disco. He is allowed to be chosen from among the 100-strong troupe of all talented actors.

Polyphonic epilogue in Rathuspark

The icing on the cake was the saxophonist and guitarist playing music from a majestic height on a tree. With the anthem of “Sauerland,” late-arrival bands were welcomed by local bands into Town Hall Park, where everyone gathered for the grand finale with plenty of voice – a Friday in bad weather without food and without the amazing crane number with singer Susan Kent and bassist Alforn.

Also attending on Fridays: Germania Hohenblanken, Benio, the group “We Sing to Jesus” and others. Other actors presented at the closing events for the other two festival days.

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