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How was the situation in Upstadt during this match? After all, the village in Rhön-Grabfeld has a population of only 700, and on a late Saturday afternoon in Illertissen, 300 kilometers away, it looked as if everyone had turned up: several large fan buses were parked in front of Vöhlin Stadium, and there was a lot of jumping and screaming in the guest cage, no doubt TSV had a home game in the Bavarian FA Cup final. “I don’t know what happened, all the people were released,” said TSV coach Victor Kleinenz. “Such euphoria in a small village like Upstadt, it’s unbelievable, we put an entire area into euphoria.”

However, the effect of Frankfurt, an exhilarating journey to win the cup, did not materialize: Obstadt lost 4:5 on penalties against Illertisers, who now managed to achieve the feat after the change of union in 2012, after the Württemberg Cup (1963) now also to the Bavarian victory. In the DFB Cup match at home, more spectators should come. Because 1,620 visitors, well a third of them from Obstadt, that was a bit disappointing.

It was a duel between two candidates: FV Illertissen had previously thrown the rookie Bayreuth to the third tier and relegated the third tier Würzburg from the cup, and Obstadt deservedly sent Turku Munich home 3-1 and, thanks to goalkeeper Lucas Wenzel, also in the 1860 penalty shootout. Defeated. “This is what we had hoped: that Wenzel would be famous and now Felix,” Iltersen coach Marco Konrad said with a smile as he held the medal around his neck and sparkling wine in his hair. FV goalkeeper Felix Thiel was voted ‘Man of the Match’ by online voting, not only thanks to some of the saves worth watching, but also because he saved two penalties and converted the first to Ertessen himself. The second candidate was Kento Teranuma, who had rushed after a singles run to make it 1-0 (66th place) and put the final penalty kick into the right corner of the cross.

Last year FV, also at home, failed in the final against Türkgücü

Of course, like this final between pro winners, within ARD’s big “Last Day of the Amateur” broadcast, is also a shop-window date. In Obstadt, relatively many, in Iltersen, relatively few footballers trained in youth academies, in Iltersen, this includes Alexander Kopf (in FB Stuttgart), who came to FV only in the winter and scored a strange own goal against Obstadt To make the score 1-1 (77). Although no major disruptions are expected in Obstadt during the summer holidays, this is certainly the case in Iltersen. The upcoming participation in DFB-Pokal can help retain players and find more than just replacements for retired premium players. He also misses another competitor in market exploration: a few hours before Saturday, traditional club and regional rival FC Memmingen were relegated from the regional league.

The store window is such a game, but above all for coaches. In the regional league season, both teams finished sixth (Opstadt) and seventh, the best purely amateur teams in Bavaria – and as many in the league say, they are the best trained. The 30-year-old Kleinens, who has never played in a higher category, is only in the prime of his career at Obstadt and still has to recommend himself to train for a professional license in order to be allowed to coach a professional team. The 47-year-old Konrad has at least three hours of experience in the Bundesliga as a player and last year underwent the highest level of training as a coach, alongside Miroslav Klose and Tobias Schweinsteiger, among others. Konrad only extended his contract last November, and after winning the cup he said he first wanted to “enjoy the moment”.

Last year, FV failed in the final, also at home, also on penalties, against Türkgücü. The fissure has now been eliminated from this scandalous game – Türkgücü fans have torn Illertissen’s shooter through the use of a firecracker. What is left to achieve? “Develop the players,” says Konrad. It’s hard for Konrad to develop himself further at Iltersen.

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