Boomermann criticizes TUI’s double standards in the Ukraine war

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to: Luke Ziggo


Presenter Jan Böhmermann in ZDF Royale. © screenshot / ZDF

In the anniversary edition of the ZDF Magazin Royale, Jan Böhmermann deals with the past of the Tui Group and its predecessor, Preussag AG.

Cologne – Jan Bömmermann opened the 50th Anniversary Edition of ZDF Magazin Royale with an unusual presentation element in his presentation. The show’s win-win “Dream Journey powered by Tui” gives us an initial glimpse into the show’s main theme. But before the revealing part, which is particularly investigative, experienced radio presenter Jan Böhmermann shows the audience in the form of a preface to the song the privileges of the former chancellor that Gerhard Schroeder was denied.

Broadcasting ZDF Royal Magazine
Occupation Jan Boomermann, Miguel T. Rubitzky
Type Late night show, satire, comedy
broadcast cycle Every Friday at 11 pm

Next, “US Certified Analyst and Analyst” Miguel T. Rubitzky moved into the mindset of Barbara Schonberger in the first issue of the format “Jack, Lady, Koenig Offender.” The Unsuspectingly Unsuspecting should take a closer look at this format and so we begin a journey through Schöneberger’s Instagram post. Based on some strange video contributions made by the moderator, Robitzky came to the conclusion that Schöneberger is 7 percent sponge, 20 percent chocolate rabbit and 73 percent serial killer. After this scientifically flawless analysis, Boomermann moves on to the main topic of the programme.

ZDF Magazin Royale: Boomermann criticizes the past of Preussag AG, which preceded TUI.

First of all, it went to the 4.3 billion euros in tax money that Tui had saved during the Corona pandemic. However, the main aspect of the article is the past of Tui AG. To be more precise, Preussag, as the company was called 20 years ago.

Founded on October 9, 1923 as the Prussian Mining and Mining Company (PBHAG), the company was not only involved in the production of the bombs dropped on Poland on the first day of World War II, but was also likely involved in war crimes in Iraq. The company had less than impressive sales records in the war year of 1943. Additionally, Preussag is said to have delivered tons of chemical warfare agent production chemicals to Iraq and helped build the corresponding war agent factories.

ZDF-Magazine Royale: War Crimes in Iraq

It relates to an attack launched by then-dictator Saddam Hussein on the Iraqi village of Halabja. Spiegel’s March 15, 2013 article serving as a source described the attack on Kurdish minorities in 1988, in which 5,000 people suffocated painfully, as the worst use of poison gas since World War I.

The company responded in a statement by rejecting the blame and transferring it to a group of employees. Unbeknownst to the company, they set up “Water Engineering Trading GmbH” (WET) for a brief period and thus they run their own business in Iraq. Having learned about this, Preussag AG wants to terminate the working relations with the employees concerned. Aras Abed, an activist with the Halabja Victims Association, also said he is talking about the horrific attack and is asking for awareness of the German population.

ZDF-Magazine Royale: Ukraine and the Turtles – Boomermann on TUI’s Double Standards in the Ukraine War

Boehmermann also sheds light on the company’s ownership structure. The group is in the hands of the Russian oligarch and billionaire billionaire Alexei Mordashov, who saved Tui from imminent bankruptcy in 2021. An oligarch close to the Kremlin sold his shares in Tui to Ondero Ltd. In time before the sanctions take effect. Transferred to the British Virgin Islands. This should be owned by his wife.

This is of particular importance as the company is raising funds for Ukraine under the slogan “Helping Hand of Ukraine”. The company, which aims to match donations to Ukraine, is 34 percent owned by the Russian oligarch or his wife. In this, Boomermann admits of unparalleled double standards.

ZDF-Magazine Royale: Boomermann draws attention to grievance without revealing much new

ZDF Royale Magazine

The Late Night Show with Jan Bömmermann runs every Friday at 11pm on ZDF. You can watch the episode in the media library here.

The episode does not set the search criteria and nothing new or unknown is added to the topic. However, Böhmermann hits a hard core with his program. The global machinations of German companies do not receive much attention from the population. However, in the case of Tui AG, the events are known and illustrate the articles from Spiegel, Tagesspiegel or Standard used as sources. (Luke Ziggo)

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