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His real full name is Marco Claudio Caetano Neven du Mont, but he is better known by the first name Skye. The actor is 75 today.

by Jochen Lamperend

The “blame” for the nickname is his brother. As a child, he misunderstood the name and put an “S” in front of the abbreviation Kai. From then on, Cayetano will only be called Sky. In fact, his parents – both German and English – wanted to call him Kay after his birth, but that was not allowed in Argentina at the time. This is where Du Mont’s father, a well-known publisher, fled the Nazis. Only Spanish names are allowed at that time. Which is why the little boy was given the “middle name” after he was born on May 20, 1947. When Skye was four years old, the parents divorced. In 1952 he returned to Europe. Therefore, Sky du Mont wanders the world a lot at a young age. He grew up in Munich, London and Switzerland.

years of evil

He says his mom wants him to be “a diplomat or something fancy.” “Zeit” 2017. But the son has other plans: “I was already in a revolutionary mood.” When du Mont works as an extra in Germany, director Fritz Umgelter asks him if he’s an actor. Of course, the latter responded, hurriedly getting an acting education (1969 to 1971) and cast in his first role as a villain. “You’ve been doing this for years now,” Umgelter reportedly said before filming. Du Mont ignores this with a smile and then plays exactly that for years – the villain. In his record-breaking 21 appearances in “Derek” episodes, he was initially allowed to lie in the cold street as a victim, only to be arrested later as a murderer. The man with the velvet voice is also a welcome actor in “The Commissar” and “The Old Man”.

However, clichés also haunt the actor: there is talk of the irresistible heartbreaker, the arrogant lover and the beautiful villain. “I’ve tried to beat many women, and I’ve failed miserably,” he says. “time”. Meanwhile, his image has changed: “Through interviews and talk shows, people have seen that I am not the fool they thought they saw.”

Photographed with many top stars

The actor made his debut in the cinema in 1976 with the Heimatfilm “Das Schweigen im Walde”. But his English mother and years in London also opened up Hollywood for him. In the same year his first American film “The Boys from Brazil” (with Gregory Peck) was released in cinemas. It follows “Avalanche Express” (1979; with Lee Marvin and Maximilian Schell) and “Lion of the Desert” (1980). In between, Du Mont plays Hans von Selbitz in Wolfgang Leibinner’s Götz von Berlichingen with the Iron Hand (1979).

Also known in the USA

In the 1980s, du Mont appeared in 59 episodes of the American hospital series “General Hospital”, playing Claus Schenk Graf von Stauffenberg (“War and Rememberance” and had to star as Nicole Kidman before a kissing scene for the movie Eyes. Wide Shot”) 1999) directed by Stanley Kubrick refers to the unpleasant smell of garlic.However, according to Du Montt, the film represented a “great moment” for him.

According to his own statements, he was offered the roles of James Bond and Dracula – about the same time. Du Mont refused Dracula’s request and was not accepted as 007 – because he was too young at the time, he thought.

Huge success with “The Shoe of Manitou”

Du Mont won a Bambi and German Comedy Award for the role of Santa Maria.

In Germany, Sky du Mont starred in the comedy “Otto – Der Film” (1985), which was a huge success at the box office. Role: Ernesto, an alleged millionaire who turns out to be a burnt con artist. But only later does his comedic talent come into play a much larger role: in the western comedy “Der Schuh des Manitou” (2001) by Michael “Bully” Herbig, he again takes on the role of the classic villain, but respected criminal Santa Maria sets a milestone in His career, as Mont himself says. For this role he received the Bambi Award and the German Comedy Award.

“Now everyone goes to the toilet again and then we’ll ride.”
Sky du Mont as Santa Maria in “The Shoe of Manitou”

Du Mont also returned in the next tape by Herbig. In “(T) Spaceship Surprise – Period 1” (2004) he plays Duke William, the latter. This film is also very successful in Germany. Sky du Mont received the Bambi Award and the German Comedy Award for both roles. Also in 2004 he starred alongside Hape Kerkeling in “Samba in Mettmann”. In 2010 he came back with us Otto Waalkes in front of the camera – in “Otto’s Eleven”. With the exception of the “chubby little ones”, almost every role is suitable for a hamburger with their choice. He is also the chairman of the board on the new theatrical version of “Rocky Horror Show,” which he goes on tour with. In 2013, du Mont filmed the comedy “Buddy” in a supporting role with Herbig. In 2014, he was in front of the camera in “Five Friends 3”, “The Schlikkerfrauen” and “The Three Feathers” in 2016 for “A Summer in Sicily” and a film adaptation of the book “Wind from the West with strong” endowments ” By Dora Heldt In 2017, he returned to the Herbig team again, this time in Die Bullyparade – der Film.

Time and time again, Sky du Mont has been featured in scathing, hilarious contributions to the satirical NDR magazine Extra 3. He told the Rheinische Post in 2011 that he enjoys doing “quite atypical things”.

Working as a coordinator and speaker

From 2000 to 2001 he was director of the VIP magazine “Sky Lights” on Südwestrundfunk. As of May 2016, du Mont will be hosting the mystery series “Haunted” on private broadcaster TLC. It is about the alleged paranormal activities. Du Mont can also be seen and heard as a speaker in commercials and movie trailers. In Kabel 1 it does program advertisements. His distinctive voice is also used in radio plays of “Die Drei???” The “three ??? children” is used.

Great love for music, literature and football

Sky du Mont says in an interview with NDR that he grew up with classical music. “Today pop and classical music is my taste, classical music from Germany and Austria, pop music from England and the USA.” He listens to a lot of music – at home and on the go. “I just don’t like going to concerts that much, because a lot of people get coughing fits, especially in quiet areas.”

The actor is also a writer. In 2003 he published his first book, The Prince and the Photographers. The community novel is a thrilling story that also comes along with humor and is portrayed. Five more novels followed, as well as the children’s book “Sophie’s Birthday”. His last novel to date, Dying Youth Is Not a Solution, will be published in 2018.

The silver-haired man, with a wide range of interests, is also interested in football in Hamburg. “HSV has the best fans in all of Germany,” he said in 2021 on the podcast “Herz Schlag.Veren”. “You’re going through all the disappointments. I think that’s great, that’s so important.” The “magnificent” stadium in St. Pauli holds the same sympathy. “It’s really a mixed crowd – pens and beer bottles. I think that’s cool, and I love it,” says Du Montt, who sees himself as a Bayern fan due to his many years in Munich.

Du Mont is socially and politically committed

Because of its many international locations, Skies du Mont considers itself European. He is socially and politically committed and works for the animal protection organization PETA, the Felix Burda Foundation and World Vision Children’s Aid, among others. He also loves participating in charity events – such as the NDR “Hand in Hand for Northern Germany” campaign.

Du Mont was also a member of the FDP for many years. In the 2008 Hamburg state election campaign, he starred in an election advertisement. At the beginning of 2018, he left the party because – not being understood – he was exposed to the opposition and personally insulted for his political activities, reports the newspaper “Ruhr-Nachrechten”.

Married four times – divorced four times

Actor Sky du Mont(r) and his model wife Mirja, daughter Tara Neven du Mont and son Vine Neven du Mont arrive for the premiere of the Disney musical in Hamburg, Germany, December 06, 2015

Sky du Mont with his fourth wife Mirga, daughter Tara and son Vine.

Du Mont married for the fourth time in 2000. His wife will be Mirja Becker, who is 29 years younger than him. The couple announced their separation in mid-July 2016 and separated in 2017. In the end, the age difference, which Sky du Mont always causes “big stomachaches” according to “Bild-Zeitung”, is one of the reasons for the marriage: “You live in life cycles Different. Sky prefers to make it comfortable at home “I still want to experience a lot.” They both have two children: daughter Tara and son Vaine. Even after the separation, they both maintain a good relationship with each other and are still friends.

Du Mont was previously married to Helga Lehner, Diane Stologan and Cosima von Borsodi – all actresses. Sky du Mont has a son named Justin from his marriage to Stolojan. “Why did I get married so many times? Maybe because I’ve always been looking for a family I’ve never had before,” he told Die Zeit. “I can explain every breakup. In the same way, I know why I loved every woman.” Meanwhile, rumor has it that you two Mont and Hamburg cabaret artist Christine Schüze are a couple. But both denied this statement. They sometimes perform together and get on well.

Du Mont lives in Hamburg, on the outskirts of the River Elbe.

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