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Olmütz / Saarbrücken (dpa) – That was a time of wrinkles, puffy sleeves, and waist belts. In the 80s, the Americans had Madonna and Whitney Houston, the Italians Gianna Nannini, the British Samantha Fox – and in Germany, after the worldwide success of Nina, Sandra suddenly appeared.

With “Maria Magdalena” the singer became an international act in her early twenties. The biggest hit of the Saarbrücken native, which is still present at nearly any party from the ’80s, made it number one in over 20 countries in 1985.

Getting started five years after breast cancer

This week (May 18) born musician Sandra Ann Lauer turns 60 – and the day after her historic birthday, she’s on stage in Olomouc in the Czech Republic. “I’m really happy,” she said before her performance. Because after nearly five years of developing breast cancer, she is finally back to health again. She is happy “because I can go back to the stage and be myself again.”

Now she wants to start over, even if fans have to wait another year or two for her new songs. In the future, she would also like to appear in more places in Germany – and therefore would also like to rent an apartment in Munich. “I don’t always have to fly,” said Sandra, who still lives in Ibiza.

Time and time again creative breaks

Ten years have passed since the singer’s last album (“Keep In Touch”), followed by the best release in 2016. Long breaks are not something unusual in the life of the musician, who sold more than 30 million records in the first phase of her career. The silent star has always taken her time and has grown old without scandals or embarrassment.

In Japan, Sandra was celebrated as a superstar of the 80s, in Europe she was always played in the discotheque, and in South America she was called the “European Madonna”. With “In the Heat of the Night”, Sandra had a real success in the follow-up, but after that there were no more mega hits. The cover version of “Hiroshima” put it back on the charts in the early 1990’s — then it got quieter about Sandra.

Leave the youth behind

“I needed a full break first,” she told dpa at the time. “Since I was 16, I’ve only been living in a suitcase.” Her youth fell by the side of the road. “I didn’t have any childhood friends, never went camping, never went to the disco, and never took part.” For her there was nothing but music. Prior to her success as a solo artist, she was a part of the disco trio Arabesque, which achieved particular success in Japan.

In 1988, she went to the Spanish Mediterranean island of Ibiza with her first husband, music producer Michael Crito, also known for the Enigma music project (which turned 65 on May 18). After the birth of the boys Nikita and Sebastian, Sandra withdrew. “Suddenly there was so much to do: the twins, the house, the family, that was more important to me.”

Small comeback in 2002

In 2002 there was a small comeback with more meditative overtones on the album “The Wheel of Time”. Two years later, she appeared on stage for the first time in several years. She followed songs with Swiss musician DJ Bobo and former Modern Talking singer Thomas Anders – and other albums she reported to her fans.

In recent years, Sandra has been drawn to the United Arab Emirates, China, Japan, Eastern European countries and Russia. But she said that in Russia, she “of course won’t” do her part as long as Vladimir Putin remains in power. You have a lot of Russian fans. And people in Russia can’t help it.

Concerts planned in Eastern Europe and the USA

This year Sandra will visit Eastern Europe several times: in July in Estonia, in August in Romania, and in October in Slovakia. More concerts are scheduled for August in the United States – from New York to Los Angeles, with Thomas Anders. “It would be really cool for sure.” Only two concerts are planned in Germany: in the fall in Dortmund and Düsseldorf.

She said she did not know stage fright. “I’ve never been someone who was afraid to go on stage.” On the contrary: you can’t wait to get out.

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