Herbert Genzmeier: “Liquid” – Maybrit Illner and Liquid Chips

Herbert Genzmeier: “Liquid” (Personality: Simon Erath / Cover: Solibro)
2029. The Minister of the Interior is Beatrix von Storch of the AfD. But her power is limited: like all politicians, she is the acting steward of financial capital, and unscrupulous anti-democratic anti-democrats like the head of Deutsche Bank, who says to the foreign minister’s face:

“…Please don’t act naively as if politicians are the ones making the decisions in a society like ours I don’t laugh!”

The dark plans laid out in these circles are being sold as a blessing to the people by elderly former media stars – people like Stefan Raab and Maybrett Elner. This exhausts the satire in “Liquid”, the political novel called “Thriller” and, as it is said, the thirty-fifth book by Herbert Genzmer, because after all it is about the struggle between good and evil. Evil is said to be a big corporation, surrounded by the notorious American security firm Blackwater; On the good side, heroine Madeleine, founder of Citizens Initiative Richard and – listen and be amazed – a Mexican drug cartel as mass murderer El Olmeca. And what is the problem now? Let’s join the audience listening to Richard’s lecture:

“He looked at his audience with a dramatic expression on his face and saw that they were dumbfounded and listening to him with complete concentration.”

Escape to drug lord

Richard fights against the abolition of criticism. He knows that the “enemy” knows only one target,

The transparent, vitreous, fully controlled citizen.

So far, not very original. Richard learns from Madeleine how to achieve this goal. The scientist, operating in the United States, inadvertently engaged in the development of a liquid chip, intended to act as a cash card. However, once implanted in the human body, it also records all the data of its host and links it to the control center. After her adventurous escape, Madeleine reveals her discovery to a drug lord, who has his own interest in the continued existence of cash. At the same time you contact Richard. Already on the phone she confesses romantic feelings:

“We have facetime,” she yelled. After a short pause, she added, “I hope to be completely honest. I like you in the pictures I’ve seen!” Her eyes wide, she clapped her hand over her mouth. She’s gone too far, I thought, she shouldn’t have said. ,cursed!’ She whispered inaudibly. “

She was vaccinated and caught

Even the selfies she posted did not fail to make an impact. Before long-distance courtship leads to what was once said to be a “successful outcome,” the disaster of a flood gives the enemy a chance to strike. The state of emergency is used to immunize the population against germs allegedly present in the water, Volgo to plant the liquid slide. It’s up to Madeleine to name the scam after her:

“You are seamlessly and completely integrated! Even the last inhabitant of the farthest place in Hallig, you fools who happily believe in your rescue, will soon be vaccinated and registered, after which the new order will be implemented in all areas. You will encounter! Fight while you can! “

This is how the page-long inner monologue explains the hateful tricks of the ruling powers to readers – while the heroine “literally sits on glowing embers but is actually in stabbing pains in her hands and in the frigid cold of her rubber boat, the interior of which closes.” visibly filled with water,” because here she is, between embers and islands, on her last rescue mission.

The ending is open, but there is still hope that the drug lord, whose bloody actions are described in detail, will help the kind rebels to success, who do not shy away from this cooperation.

grotesque style flowers

It is also disturbing that the thief’s gun was written, not to mention written, in the Corona years using a conspiracy theory that the chips were secretly injected during vaccinations. However: imagination has the right to represent the idea. However, the misinformation and the author’s comment claim that the “liquid” is only related to the liquidity problem. Why the game of hide and seek? It would be nice to read a well-made and well-written version of this grim reality. Nonetheless, Genzmer delivers a lively story with action, full of excess and internal contradictions, with stereotypical characters, embarrassing clichés and amateurish narrative styles such as allowing the characters to relive familiar things in the most inappropriate situations.

The language is really bad. The author of many books on German grammar introduces not only countless wrong conditional moods, commas and missing quotes, but also absurd repetitions such as “pleasant pleasures,” “exceptions without exception,” “repeated letters again,” or “information from a person.” Informed source. Exotic stylistic flowers can be found on almost every page:

“Richard gave Colin an exaggerated hula.”

His rhetorical question did not wait for an answer.

“With concern I encountered an urgent problem.”

“Head rolls over, then he gets a better job in the back.”

Perhaps the author does a better job with his 36th book and finds a publisher who takes on his own job less negligently.

Herbert Genzmeier “Liquid”.
Solibro Verlag, Munster.
432 pages, 20 euros.

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