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New York.

Singer-songwriter Taylor Swift is now a Ph.D.

The 32-year-old received an honorary doctorate from New York University on Wednesday (local time) — and gave the graduates some life advice at their graduation ceremony in the crowded stadium of the New York Yankees baseball team. The ceremony was attended by tens of thousands of graduates, their families and friends.

“Life can be tough, especially when you’re trying to carry everything at once,” said Swift, who has sold more than 100 million discs and was inundated with the Grammys. It is important to know what to keep and what to let go – for example, resentment of former partners or envy of other people’s jobs. The artist advised graduates, “A toxic relationship can outweigh the simple, wonderful joy. You have to choose what time and space your life has. Be demanding.”

Swift: Please don’t ask me for help in an emergency

Swift, who never went to college and started her music career at the age of 15, has a doctorate in fine arts. It’s best not to ask her for help in an emergency, “unless your emergency situation is that you desperately need to hear a song with a catchy hook and a very disinfected bridge section.” Or if someone is needed who can list more than 50 cat breeds in a minute.

Swift continued that one should never be too shy to achieve one’s goals. “Effort is a myth.” You can also rediscover yourself at any time to get where you want to go: “I have good news: it’s entirely up to you. I also have scary news: it’s entirely up to you.”

“Sometimes it will spoil”

In the end, I told the students it wouldn’t always be easy: “And you’ll screw things up sometimes. Me, too. And if you do, you’ll likely read about it on the Internet.” But you can also recover from the biggest setbacks. “As long as we’re lucky enough to breathe, we’ll take deep breaths and deep breaths and deep breaths. I’m a doctor now, so I know how breathing works.” (dpa)

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