Flood aid: Qatar supports the construction of football fields for children with one million euros…

Qatar Embassy in Berlin

Berlin (OTS)

With the support of Qatar, the Rhineland Football Association EV is planning to build at least 8 children’s football pitches in the Ahrweiler district.

Football clubs in Ahar Valley and adjacent areas were hit hard by the flood disaster of 2021. Entire places were washed away, and club houses were completely destroyed.

That is why the founding of the Football Association Rheinland eV “Football assists” in the development of the special project “Football pitches for children” and is currently in talks with eight potential sites for such small pitches.

The goal is for children and youth to be able to train well and locally again as quickly as possible. The focus is not primarily on football performance, but rather a contribution to be made to revitalize club life, which often remains dormant due to the lack of a sports ground.

“Our football clubs are counting on help so that they can fulfill their important tasks in the future, especially in the youth field,” stresses the president of the Rhineland Football Association, Walter Desch.

His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Federal Republic of Germany, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, also supports the special project: “Sports play an important role in promoting peace and development, respecting human rights, and empowering human rights.” women and girls. Football in particular contributes to international understanding because it is popular all over the world.”

Qatar, the organizer of the 2022 World Cup, supports the reconstruction of football clubs in the affected areas with one million euros. This can also be used to build soccer fields for children in particular. In addition, investment will be made in the reconstruction of clubs and other important infrastructure. FVR President Walter Desch: “With such a donation, we are taking a big step

Before. Qatar is a huge supporter of football and we are delighted that our clubs are benefiting.”

It is also planned for future cooperation between the Rhineland Football Association and the Qatar Football Association through joint training camps and tournaments. The Football Association of Rhineland eV already maintains cooperation with Hungary, Norway and Rwanda and can therefore draw on a wealth of experience in international contacts in the youth field. “Qatar could now be the first Arab partner country, also with the exchange of girl teams,” FVR President Desch continued.

His Excellency the Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Federal Republic of Germany, Abdullah bin Mohammed bin Saud Al Thani, explains: “In football, the focus is always on the next match. The children also train for this, so we have an eye on the future together in a playful way. I am really looking forward to To the first joint training camp. I thank all the club members who made the rebuilding of football stadiums possible.”

A total of about 100 sports clubs in the Rhineland-Palatinate reported flood damage in 2021. Football-enthusiastic children are particularly affected, having lost their opportunities to play and train “on the doorstep” and now have to travel long distances to alternative stadiums, which is why There is a risk of losing them in front of football. With the special project “Football pitches for children”, the Rhineland EV Federation, together with the State of Qatar, want to create football pitches and training opportunities close to football-loving children.

The donation check for €1 million was delivered on May 16, 2022 at 3:00 pm at the headquarters of SV Hönningen in Ahrweiler.

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