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Mark Rudy conducts the Mecklenburg State Orchestra in Schwerin for a year and a half. The Hamburg home will remain Germany’s third oldest orchestra until 2027. Because the contract as general director of music has already been extended.

by Axel Seitz

Mark Rudy runs the Mecklenburgische Staatskapelle Schwerin, with works by Emily Mayer. A new CD was released by the Mecklenburg State Orchestra only at the end of April, the orchestra recorded previously unpublished works of the composer, who was born 210 years ago in Friedland near New Brandenburg. “I really love being here with the band. I feel good, they are so passionate about composing music and they work great together. The concerts we’ve had in the last year and a half have always been something very special and they have a lot to offer with energy, a lot of mood and a lot of expression. And these are A job that is fun for both sides and brings joy to both sides.” And he has to keep doing it as he develops. Rod emphasizes one thing worthwhile.

Theatrical director Wegener is glad that Rodde is staying

Theater director Hans-Georg Wegner finds it beneficial to collaborate with his 46-year-old general director of music: “It’s not a matter of course. There is often a battle between music and production. And since we have a very famous director here with Martin G. Berger as director. For the opera, it is very important to me that the general director of music and the director of the opera work well together. And we’ve tested that. We’ve tested that with “Le Grand Macabre”. But we’ve also tested it on the other side. The first performances the two performed together here on There are a lot of The mutual openness is there. And last but not least, which is also a major point, Mark Rudy simply gave really great concerts here.”

NEW: Academy of Orchestras at Mecklenburg State Theater

The Academy of Orchestras has now been set up at the Mecklenburg State Theater so that this very good collaboration will not only remain the same in the future, but will also improve in quality. “The orchestra academy means that we are creating training positions, and accepting eight young musicians into our classes for a limited period of time, which is the case today, and who are learning here after their studies: what does it mean to sit in an orchestra? How should I behave in an orchestra? This means that we have Definitely a signal to move forward. We are actually in the process of looking at ways and means we can secure more positions.”

Is the Mecklenburg State Orchestra understaffed?

Only last September the German Philharmonic Orchestra criticized the fact that the Mecklenburg State Orchestra had been short of musicians for years. Mark Rudy has a clear position on the subject: “If you have an orchestra and this orchestra is one of the oldest in the country, then you have an obligation and you have to fulfill that obligation and take care of the orchestra and the orchestra like that is prepared as well as possible. And that is my job. The job of porters. It is to see that we are keeping fit to play.”

Theater director Hans-Georg Wegner also sees the problem of a lack of orchestra staff, but also that musicians are leaving Staatskapelle in the coming years for age reasons. “The third oldest orchestra will actually be one of the youngest orchestras in the next few years, if the vacancies are then advertised in such a way that young people can come forward. Academy students are an opportunity to do what is in the sense of expanding the orchestra” But this is certainly not the last step we take. We are currently working on an orchestra development plan so that we can make a step-by-step plan for how to develop the orchestra, including in terms of people. Eight young musicians up to the age of 27 will be the first members of the newly founded Schwerin Academy of Orchestras from next August.

And on Thursday he will conduct the Mecklenburg State Orchestra again and perform the “Charity Concert: For Peace!” Solidarity with Ukraine. Start at 7.30 pm.

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The Mecklenburg State Orchestra released the CD “Emilie Mayer” – the world’s first recording. more

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