Börse Express – WKNÖ Ecker and AKNÖ Wieser present the “BO To Go” app

The social partners demand the mandatory article “Job Orientation, Social and Daily Skills”

ST POLEN (OTS) – The new “Career Orientation ToGo” app was presented Tuesday at a press conference given by WK Lower Austria President Wolfgang Ecker and AK Lower Austria President Markus Wieser. The app, jointly developed by the Austrian Chamber of Commerce and the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce, aims to make it easier for children, young people and their parents and guardians to make the right career choice.

The Chairman of the AK Party in Lower Austria and the Chairman of the OGB in Lower Austria, Markus Wieser, emphasizes that “timely vocational guidance creates a win-win situation. The student seeks and finds vocational training that matches his strength and talents. The entrepreneur, in turn, can He expects to find an enthusiastic and dedicated specialist (intern) for his company. Through the application, we have placed great value on well-prepared information and, at the same time, ease of use. So I can warmly invite all parents and young people to take advantage of this application and take advantage of these offers.”

WK Lower Austria, Wolfgang Ecker: “There are 20,000 vacancies on the labor market in Lower Austria. upward trend. This is a worrying development, but one that also presents opportunities for young people. “The economy needs skilled workers, and with vocational training all paths are open to young people,” says Wolfgang Ecker, president of the Lower Austrian Chamber of Commerce. But it is often difficult for parents and their children to keep track of a wide range of training opportunities. “Here, as the Chamber of Commerce, we take many actions along with our social partners to provide support and support,” explains Ecker.

For the compulsory subject “Vocational guidance, social and daily skills”

Career guidance has been a central issue for social partners for years. Whether it’s at the annual ‘Future/Work/Life’ career guidance fair or the ‘Let’s Walz’ international career coaching campaign. Also at events and workshops as well as regional hubs in order to connect schools, teachers, parents and businesses in the best possible way. The federal government must now take appropriate action. “It is important that career guidance is firmly anchored in the classroom,” Wieser and Ecker say. Therefore, they renew their demand to introduce the compulsory subject “vocational guidance, social and daily skills” for grades five to eight in all types of schools. Professional orientation with appropriate practical content should be supplemented by social components such as social interaction, knowledge about the state of solidarity as well as associations and volunteerism. This new mandatory topic would create a win-win situation for all involved. Therefore, implementation will be especially important.

The “BO to Go” application is divided into three phases:

The first stage, Exploration, helps the child and parents think about criteria relevant to career choices. From the initial question “What interests your child?” From a list (playing computer, babysitting, gardening, etc.) to the question of child competencies (patience, writing reports, explaining things, etc.)

choose – select
The second stage, ‘selection’, is about finding a suitable job description. The algorithm searches databases for jobs that match a child’s desires and interests. Parents and children are informed about the requirements and tasks of the profession.

take off
Relevant information and tools are provided in the third stage, “Getting Started”. Information events are suggested, and companies to contact are listed. From job fairs to practical working days, all possibilities are listed for approaching interesting careers.

Access to the new job search application from the social partners of Lower Austria is available at:
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