Black Mirror: Here’s what you need to know about the sixth season of the Netflix series

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The sixth season of Black Mirror has been officially confirmed and it follows a similar pattern to the previous season. You can read with us what is known so far about the beginning, plot, directing and production of the Netflix series.

black mirror

Black Mirror (Source: Jonathan Prime/Netflix)

  • “Black Mirror” has been running as an original on Netflix since the third season.
  • Thus the British series originally became an international production.
  • The sixth season of Black Mirror is now in production.

Black Mirror may have started as an insider piece of advice on British TV, but when it was taken over by Netflix, the whole world became aware of the grim sci-fi series. There are now 5 seasons and it is not expected to end any time soon. We have summarized all the information about Black Mirror Season 6 for you.

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  2. Why is Black Mirror Season 6 taking so long to release?

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  5. ‘Black Mirror’: The Cast of Season 6

Black Mirror Season 6: Netflix release date

As of now, there is no date for the start of the sixth season of “Black Mirror”. At least it is now certain that Season 6 will indeed come. It’s unfortunately hard to predict the start date just yet, as there was nearly three years between season five and season six.

With the production scale of “Bandersnatch” forcing series creator Charlie Brooker and his team to shorten Season 5 of Black Mirror from 6 episodes to 3, it’s likely we’ll see ideas scrapped for Season 5 in Season 6. Season 6 is also said to consist of three long episodes.

Why is Black Mirror Season 6 taking so long to release?

In an interview with Britain’s Radio Times online magazine in May 2020, series creator Charlie Brooker said he didn’t think anyone in the pandemic would be interested in stories of collapsing societies. That’s why it doesn’t work on such stories now. Black Mirror production has also slowed due to the Corona virus.

‘Black Mirror’: Trailer for Season 6

There is currently no material for ‘Black Mirror’ season 6, so we’ll still have to wait for the first images or trailer. Netflix should give us more once the sixth season is officially announced. Experience has shown that Netflix does this in a relatively short time.

“Black Mirror”: the story of the sixth season

The content of the sixth season of “Black Mirror” is not yet known. Series creator Charlie Brooker has already talked about continuing to play with the concept of the series in the future. So we can soon expect another “decide for yourself” story in the style of “Bandersnatch”. Brooker also doesn’t rule out previous Black Mirror episode sequels, pop-ups, or ongoing new stories.

‘Black Mirror’: The Cast of Season 6

Unfortunately, there is no information yet about the cast of the sixth season of “Black Mirror”. Especially in the past few seasons, the series has repeatedly appeared with first-class British and American stars. This trend will definitely continue into the new season.

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