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Without Leon Drysitl, without Dominic Cahoun – and now also without Tim Stutzel? After the 3:2 match against France, the German ice hockey team was threatened with the failure of the NHL striker to the World Cup in Finland.

The imminent end of exceptional NHL striker Tim Stützle makes the Berlin ice hockey champions even more valuable. In a few days, they switched from a party atmosphere with their boozy beer festivities and barefoot celebrations to World Cup mode and simply carried on with their hit shows.

When the hopeful Stutzl slipped off the ice in Helsinki, Berliner Leo Pföderl shone as top scorer and Marcel Neubels was the poised to prepare in a narrow 3-2 win over France for the second time in Finland as the guarantor of the World Cup victory.

“Berlin, this is crazy,” national team coach Toni Soderholm exclaimed after speaking about the concerns. After suffering a knee check, Ottawa striker Stützle did not continue playing. Will the 20-year-old miss the crucial quarter-final matches on Thursday against Denmark and on Friday against Italy? It was initially unclear.

Failure would be a great loss

Captain Moritz Muller complained, “Timi is one of our best players. Of course that would be bitter.” The responsibility he already bears is “unbelievable”. Like NHL star defensive Moritz Seder (21), he carries the game “most often” on his shoulders. Young Söderholm planned as manager and may now have to rely more on Berliners. The next loss will be the leader, speed and creativity.

Just a day before leaving, the German national team had to contend with the fact that 2018 Olympic silver medalist and former NHL striker Dominic Kahun was unable to travel with him injured. NHL star Leon Draisaitl is missing from intended compensation for the failed Olympic participation anyway.

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Berliners are more important. In recent years, it has sometimes been difficult to integrate the professionals of the reigning German Ice Hockey League into the national team. They have to quickly move from reduced effort and championship celebrations to the pressure of the World Cup. But Söderholm deliberately plotted with the polar bears champion, as happened when he surprisingly reached the top four at the 2021 World Cup. Berliners were also an important success factor in Riga.

This time he took five with him: Pföderl, videos of which are circulating, shows him barefoot and with a bottle of beer in public at the championship celebrations a few days before the start of the World Cup. Now Pföderl, one of the “smart German players” (Söderholm), is Germany’s top scorer in the World Cup with two goals and three assists. In addition to this, there are the veteran Noebbels, defenders Jonas Muller and Kai Weissmann and goalkeeper Matthias Niederberger. “If a player does his best and is in this elimination stream, the probability that he will play well in the World Cup will be very high,” Soderholm said.

Strong Niederberger

it’s working. Niederberger withstood the pressure of the French in the latter stages, knowing he could always improve with the black, red and gold jersey. The goalkeeper was also not bothered by the fact that, unlike the 2021 World Cup, he was not number one this time, but the representative of NHL goalkeeper Philipp Grobauer. Weissmann, a newcomer to the World Cup, also takes responsibility right away, even when he is outnumbered.

Noebels and Pföderl, who line up with AHL striker Mark Michaelis, know each other from the inside out. A combination of the two led to a 2-1 victory over Slovakia. “You can look bold, and you convey that. A tournament like this is like a second tournament,” Nobles explained promoting the title.

Berlin’s 2021 World Cup streak may now be complete: Lukas Raichel, who has advised himself for North Americans in Riga, may arrive in Finland after his season in the AHL second division – as well as defender Leon Jawanke. “They are both exceptional players in German ice hockey,” said Moritz Muller. Its arrival was initially unclear, as was Stützle’s diagnosis.

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