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Many view the situation in Ukraine with trepidation. People gather at vigils and peace chains, seeking solace in the community. The cultural institutions of northern Germany are also taking a stand against the war.

by Anina Pomerinki

They do this on social networks and with short-term campaigns. “War Never Again” can be read on several Instagram channels of North German cultural institutions: Das Thalia Theatre Mark, that Ohnsorg Theater and that Chamber Theater of Hamburg Lot theater Braunschweig and that Theater Osnabrück shares a publication from The Mini, committed to an open, solidary and democratic society and to which many cultural institutions are affiliated. “Our sympathies are with the victims, our concern for peace and freedom,” the Thalia Theater publishes.

Deutsches Schauspielhaus in Hamburg is organizing a solidarity event

Also this Schauspielhaus Hamburg reacts to current political developments and announces a solidarity event to be held on March 7 at the Schauspielhaus under the slogan “Stand with Ukraine”. Tickets for this can currently be secured for free on the hotel’s website.

Director Kampnagel Deuflhard gives voice to under threat artists

who – which The Hans European Museum hoisted the Ukrainian flag on the building. Kulturfabrik Kampnagel is also addressing the current situation on Instagram with the hashtags ‘stop the war’ and ‘together’. For Artistic Director Amelie Duvelhard, it goes without saying: “As a cultural institution, I see it as our duty to use our high profile to call for protests against this war.”


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A broad coalition gathered in front of the main station. The service at Michel was also marked by war. 3 minutes

I was shocked by the Russian forces’ invasion of Ukraine and the suffering inflicted on the people there. Together with a network of international production houses, she uses her contacts to give under threat artists a voice and support where possible. She was on the phone all day with potential funders.

Philip Thier © picture alliance / dpa-Zentralbild Photo: Arno Burgi

My voice: Ukraine Conflict: Putin’s Faith in His Truth (7 minutes)

Collaboration in the Bremen Theater with a dance department from Ukraine

This also has connections with artists in the country The Bremen theater, which also became active on the Instagram page, shared, among other things, a call for a solidarity rally, which some house staff spontaneously joined. Michael Burgerding, artistic director of the Bremen Theater, believes that this is what artists in Ukraine now expect. In 2015, for example, they worked with young dancers from Ukraine in the dance department. “If you ask them what you can do from the outside, the answer is: take a stand, do the propaganda, go to a demonstration.” And maybe find out about aid organizations you can donate to, says Burgerding. “What else do we have?”

Free entry to the exhibition “German Peace Prize for Photography” in Osnabrück

who – which Museumsquartier Osnabrück spontaneously decided to allow free admission to the exhibition “German Peace Prize for Photography” this weekend. After all, the work shows that peace is possible.

who – which The Horst Jansen Museum responds with a philosophical quote by the Ukrainian-Russian writer Nikolai Vasylgoich Gogolz: “The path of life is wide, but many do not know it and walk the path of death.”

finds clear words Volkstheater Rostock on her Instagram page, which talks about a black day for Europe. “We are in solidarity with all those who must strive for peaceful coexistence!” And this as well The Vorpommern theater is clearly committed to peace by quoting Le Kopelev: “For today we know that mastering peace is much more difficult and more complex than waging war.”

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The lettered Horst Jansen Museum hangs on the facade of an elliptical building.  © NDR Photo: Julius Matuschik

Horst Jansen Museum is dedicated to fine art on paper. external

More on the topic on Sunday 27 February in the gallery “titel theses moode” from 11 pm on the first.

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