Leaks, rumors and everything you need to know

We are only a few months away from the official presentation of the iPhone 14. There have already been a lot of leaks and rumors. We’ll put some order in it and summarize the reports of the past few weeks and months succinctly and clearly. What do you want to know about the new Apple mobile phone? GIGA has the answers.

First of all: Even if the name isn’t official yet, it is The name “iPhone 14” is more than certain. In recent years, Apple has dispensed with any slightly modified S models. Since the iPhone 11, the numbers have been in a row again – without exception. Ergo: Number 13 is followed by 14.

How many iPhone 14 models?

There are now four models of the latest iPhones, and that won’t change in 2022 either. However, there is a significant model change in the two standard variants. Due to rather poor sales numbers, the iPhone mini has no future. So iPhone 13 mini will be the last of its kind. Instead, the standard model with a 6.1-inch screen was tied to a larger variant – the iPhone 14 Max with a 6.7-inch screen. Apple is therefore factoring in the desire for larger screens. There are no model changes in the Pro area, so customers can still choose between the iPhone 14 Pro and the iPhone 14 Pro Max.

What’s new, what has changed in the design of the iPhone 14?

Apple will refrain from basic design experiences, especially those Standard models will be nearly identical to the iPhone 13 – The notch (degree of width), which has already been reduced in size, is also preserved. This already looks different in the professional field, which will be much different this year.

Instead of a notch, Apple will use a so-called hole-punch design on the iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 Pro Max, which consists of Two holes in the screen – shaped like a bean and a circle. It hides the front camera and all the sensors needed for Face ID. Speaking of which, Touch ID is no longer there. There are no longer any solutions offered for the iPhone 14.

The current range of iPhone 13, there will be no small model in the future:

Due to the missing notch and narrower bezel, the screens are a bit larger, but you’ll likely only notice a difference in direct comparison to previous work – a millimeter. It basically stays with 6.1 and 6.7 inch screens. By the way: 120Hz screens will only be available on iPhone 14 Pro (maximum) in 2022.

We also kept the cam cam, which is more massive, after all you need New 48 MP camera More space. The sensor should also be able to record 8K videos.

Will Apple use titanium for the material of the Pro models this time around? There are rumors about this, but they are very speculative. So we still prefer to assume the proven stainless steel frame.

less default: Lightning stays on all modelsOn the other hand, USB-C should be introduced in 2023. Not necessarily because Apple wants it that way, but because the European Union won’t give the manufacturer a choice anymore.

What is inside the iPhone 14?

This year, Apple will likely break its tradition, because not every new iPhone will also get the latest Apple chip. The rumored Apple A16 should only be found on the two Pro models. On the other hand, the standard variants should handle the already familiar A15 Bionic. Perhaps Apple will tweak it a bit to make it more attractive to customers as an advanced version. However, the difference between Pro and Standard is also more obvious on this point.

Anyone hoping for more RAM may be disappointed. According to Apple mentor Ming-Chi Kuo, Pro variants with 6GB of RAM will remain, and earlier and more optimistic reports may be wrong. But that’s not really a negative thing. Apple has already proven to outperform the competition even with a relatively small amount of RAM.

And when will the iPhone 14 actually be presented?

As usual, a release is expected in September. A proper Apple event should be held in advance early to mid-month. Our tip: jot down the calendar week 37Then a presentation can be made on 12, 13 or 14 September.

This is how Apple should present us with the iPhone 14 Pro in September:

What prices should we expect?

It is likely that Apple will follow the prices of its predecessors. However, the iPhone 14 Max is likely to be at least €100 more expensive than the standard variant. We don’t think Apple will lower the price of the standard variant to the level of the iPhone 13 mini. So the prices could look like this:

  • iPhone 14: from 899 euros
  • iPhone 14 Max: starting from 999 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro: from 1149 euros
  • iPhone 14 Pro Max: from 1,249 euros

This is the theory, but there is still a special circumstance in this country. In fact, the euro has fallen against the dollar in recent months and compared to September 2021. In the end, Apple could slightly increase prices due to currency fluctuations in Germany. So it will not be cheaper.

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