“Celebrity Hunt” with Vanessa May, Tom Peak and Stephanie Geisinger

Paranoid on the run: Amazon sends celebrities after investigative teams on a “celebrity hunt.”

Volker Neuenhof, Head of Entertainment at German Amazon Originals, describes Robber and Gendarme as “the biggest reality show that has ever been performed in Germany in this form.” There are ten celebrities on the adventure reality show “Celebrity Hunted” (start: December, number three on Amazon Prime Video) up to ten days to escape the detectives. They all started in Hamburg, and their opponents’ headquarters are in Frankfurt am Main. German law is simulated: the investigation team is not only allowed to listen to the phone calls on the cell phones they have obtained and determine their whereabouts when the calls are made, but also – with consent – they have access to the surveillance cameras.

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Read more after the announcement

World boxing champion and businessman d. Wladimir Klitschko, model and actress Stephanie Geisinger, singer Vanessa May with her husband and manager Andreas Verbier, actor and singer Tom Beck with actor and comedian Axel Stein, social media stars Diana and Melissa, and actor Kida Khader Ramadan with rapper Summer Jim. At a press conference on Friday, some celebrities answered questions about how they feel they are being followed at every turn.

There was also Eric Faad, Chancellor Angela Merkel’s former security advisor and head of the investigation. He was deeply moved by the wit of the fleeing celebrities: “The celebrities were simply partners competing on an equal footing.” In his opinion, everyone had a clear plan. So Fad’s job was to filter out patterns that he could use to track down fugitives. He has openly praised his cast of real detectives, chosen not only for their expertise but also for their impact on camera. So celebrities were dealing with professionals, and Vlad knows: “We leave electronic trails everywhere.”

Read more after the announcement

Read more after the announcement

Vanessa May: ‘It was half a thriller’

Other celebrities paid great respect to lone fighter Stephanie Geisinger, who had to fend for herself. The model certainly had enough time to prepare for a whole year, because of the Corona pandemic, the start of filming was postponed several times. Giesinger explained that since the beginning of her career, she has said that she “never had the opportunity to get down and hide for ten days” – the reality-adventure series was the opportunity.

However, Celebrity Hunted was soon taken by most celebrities as more than just a game anyway. “It was really crazy how fast the blur could go,” says ambitious Vanessa May, describing the remarkable seriousness. “It’s not really a realistic format, it was half a thriller,” says the hit star. “None of us imagined it would really be this far,” adds Tom Beck, who was really exhausted from the shooting. All celebrities reported that they traveled through Germany in a paranoid way: after all, a “hunter” could hide behind every passerby and in every car. Is everything real? The press release promised “innovative storytelling full of exciting and exciting moments.”

The two teams were not in contact with each other, they first met at the starting point in Hamburg. The short time together before the challenge began was apparently enough to cause discomfort. It seems that the “Social Media Team”, made up of Diana Bell and Melissa Kojak, did not feel that Kida Khader Ramadan and Summer Jim were taking seriously. According to their statements, they were nicknamed “Girl Scouts”. It remains to be seen if the social media stars are on the run longer than the two men, who always emphasize their street experience, or not.


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