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to: Roland Halmel

split, rip

Stockschützenbahn Clearance: Stockschützen is not playing their home games at the Peitingen ice rink this year, but in Bad Wörishofen. © Roland Hallmel

Since the local ice field is closed for renovations, the Peitinger Stockschützen have to play their home games in Bad Wörishofen. The Bundesliga club is angry.

Peiting – This year’s Bundesliga summer season has proven somewhat challenging for Peitinger Stockschützen. After Surheim withdrew, the field of competitors in Group C, as Moarschaft of TSV Peiting was withdrawn, shrunk to three. Then came EC EBRA Aitershofen, which initially lost its place in favor of Kühbach by court decision. The dispute was over who would become the successor to EC Grub, which announced its withdrawal in February. Clarification of this question by a civil court led to the resignation of the head of the aquatics department entirely because they felt betrayed by the BEV Executive Committee.

Regardless of the disagreements within the association, there was also a thick air in Peiting. The background is the renovation work on the ice field, which made it necessary to close the hall in the summer. As a result, TSV Stockschützen was forced to look for an alternative place, which turned out to be not easy. After some confusion, as the empty Feneberg branch was considered an alternative venue, the Peitingers finally ended up playing their home games in Bad Wörishofen.

Christian Lindner misses the appreciation for Stockschützen at Peiting.
Christian Lindner lacks appreciation for the city’s archers. © Archive

Archers complain about lack of support and lack of honor for medal winners

Christian Lindner of Stockschützen had previously clearly complained about the underappreciation of his athlete in the village. “Our sport is not recognized at Peiting, there are many examples of that,” said Lindner, who also criticized the market builder. “The information from Mr. Kreitl was simply wrong, that the Feneberg market is empty,” Lindner complained that the idea was of little use apart from being rejected by the company’s management.

In addition to the lack of support in clarifying the Hall issue, Lindner also complained that medal winners were not honored at the recent World Championships in South Tyrol. “Society didn’t congratulate our players for the nine World Cup medals,” Lindner said angrily.

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The mayor denies the allegations

The mayor of Beeing, Peter Ostenrieder, contradicted the allegations in the clearest way possible. “I did not receive any complaints personally. At the ice rink, all participants were informed that due to the general renovation, the hall will not be available for any other purpose during the summer months, and individual awards for athletes are not usual. The mayor explained in a detailed statement on the topic Alternative housing.” “During the meeting, it was suggested that we move to vacant properties in the village such as Feneberg or to sports facilities in nearby villages such as the ice rink in Schongau or Peißenberg and ask there.” Ostenrieder emphasized that it is difficult to blame the community.

Mayor Peter Ostenrieder rejects TSV's allegations.
Mayor Peter Ostenrieder rejects TSV’s allegations. © Archive

TSV players will play their home matches in Bad Wörishofen this summer. “We are very grateful that Schneider from Peiting moved our materials there for free,” reports Lindner, whose team was challenged on Saturday (4 p.m.) at the Allgäu resort against EC-DJK Aigen am Inn.

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