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China Minsheng Bank, Deutsche Bank and JPMorgan Chase also recently activated SWIFT Go to enable small businesses and consumers across borders with fast, secure and predictable payments.

The rapid adoption of SWIFT Go since its launch in July underscores SWIFT’s strategy for instant and seamless cross-border transactions

SWIFT today announced that 100 banks worldwide have signed up for SWIFT Go since the program was launched in July. This underscores the strong demand for the service, which enables small businesses and consumers to send small cross-border payments from their bank accounts quickly, predictably, extremely securely and at competitive rates. Ten banks are already actively using SWIFT Go, including Deutsche Bank, JPMorgan Chase and China Minsheng Bank, which accounts for 41 million small cross-border payments annually.

SWIFT Go is an essential building block in the Collaboration’s strategy to enable instant and seamless transactions across its network of more than 11,000 organizations and 4 billion accounts in 200 countries. Added to this is the potential to improve financial inclusion by supporting small and medium-sized businesses in emerging markets and people making remittances abroad.

The service takes advantage of high-speed SWIFT gpi channels, which have fundamentally changed the speed and predictability of large-value cross-border payments, to enable banks to better serve their customers in the high-growth small business and consumer segments. Payments via SWIFT Go are fast – the fastest are processed within seconds – secure and predictable, and fees are transparent from the start.

Stephen Gilderdale, Product Manager, SWIFT, He said, “SWIFT Go has been very well received by organizations and their customers since its launch as it changes the way SMEs and consumers process cross-border payments through the banking system. When combined with banks’ customer channels, SWIFT GO delivers a super-fast, predictable and affordable user experience. There is a clear demand for the benefits the service offers and we look forward to working with our community to expand SWIFT even further as we continue with our strategy.”

Dr. Xu Jie, Deputy General Manager of Banking Transactions Department, Minsheng Bank of China and Vice Chairman of the Banking Committee of China International Chamber of Commerce, He stated, “According to our analysis, the cost of sending money to the United States through SWIFT Go channel is 30% lower than the cost of traditional channels. Minsheng Bank is ready to launch SWIFT Go in all channels, which will be of great help to our customers of SMEs and individuals. We encourage banks Another peer to join SWIFT Go to expand and grow this network for future cross-border payments.”

Mark Rieker, Global Head of Products, Corporate Cash Management, german bank, He added: “We at Deutsche Bank know that SMEs and consumers value transparency, speed and security when it comes to international payments. With this in mind, we are excited to launch SWIFT Go and offer a customized service to our customers that will radically improve the processing of low-value cross-border transactions. “.

Shirish Wadfkar, Head of Global Payments, Standard Chartered, He stated, “We are excited to be a part of SWIFT Go, which supports our strategy to deliver better and superior payment experiences. Our small, medium and small business customers will appreciate the service that enables seamless, fast and predictable low value international payments.”

George Doolittle, Managing Director and Head of Global Payment Services, Wells Fargo, He said, “SWIFT Go builds on the strengths of SWIFT gpi with a more rigorous multilateral service level and centralized reporting engine. This dramatically improves customer experience, reduces friction, and enables banks to more effectively meet the needs of individuals and small businesses for low-value payments. Across Borders. As a leading financial services company and the largest builder of the US ACH system, Wells Fargo has supported this initiative from the start.”

Editor’s Notes: The current list of all participating organizations can be found below and also at www.swift.com/go.

Participating Banks (* means “active”)

Abu Dhabi Commercial Bank

Abu Dhabi Islamic Bank


Alfa Bank

Bank of America CGSC

Asia Commercial Bank

BAC Bank San Jose

Banco Atlantida

Chile Bank

Banco de Credito del Peru

Banco de la Provincia de Buenos Aires

State Bank of Chile

Monks Bank



Bank of China

Dongguan Bank

Bank of Georgia

Jiangsu Bank

Bank of New York Mellon *

Shanghai Bank

Bank Negara Indonesia

The World Bank in Luxembourg




BNP Paribas


City Bank of China

China Construction Bank

Minsheng Bank of China *

Chong Hing Bank Limited

Cimb Bank Berhad


commercial bank

Credit Bank of Moscow

Credit blocker and hotelier

Daegu Bank

Thank you bank


German Bank*

Diamond Trust Bank Kenya Limited


Emirates NBD Bank

First Abu Dhabi Bank

first edge

Banksy Guarantee



Ho Chi Minh City Joint Commercial Development Bank Ho Chi Minh City


Industrial Bank of Korea

Intesa San Paulo

I&M Bank LTD

JPMorgan Chase & Co. *

JSC Bank Alliance

JSC Primary Bank

JSC Kredobank

JSC Oschadbank



KB Kookmin Bank

Cape Hana Bank

Kuwait Finance House


MB . Bank

Mashreq Bank

my bank*

Australian National Bank

National bank of Kuwait

Natwest . group


OP Corporate Bank

PagoFX (Santander Group)

PT Bank Cimb Niaga TBK

PT Bank Mandiri (Persero) Tbk


PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia

Qatar National Bank Egypt

British Saudi Bank

Sberbank *

Shanghai Pu Dong Development Bank

Shinhan Bank


Societe Generale *

spare bank jacket

virtual seat

Standard Chartered


Swedish commercial banks

Mauritius Commercial Bank Limited

Shanghai Commercial and Savings Bank

Tinkoff Bank

college credit*

us bank


Vietnam Bank

Wells Fargo

Woori Bank

yabi credi

Zhejiang Chouzhou Commercial Bank

Zhejiang Rural Credit Cooperative Federation

Zhejiang Tailong Commercial Bank

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