Michael Rummenigge, ex-professional at camp in Meissen: ‘There should be no taboos’ – news from Immenstadt

More than 110 children play football at the Michael Rummenigge school in Meissen. The former professional attaches great importance to “educating children about the problems in the world”.

Hat-trick in Meissen: For the third time this weekend, former professional soccer coach Michael Rummenigge visits TS at Meissen Wilhams. After the premiere of Corona in 2020 with the participation of 87 children, TSV organized the second edition with 95 children in “almost normal” conditions last year. This year, in its third year, 116 kids are playing soccer in four two-hour sessions from Friday to Sunday. The 58-year-old Rummenigge and his famous team of coaches have planned big workloads and a colorful program for just that. We met up with Rummenigge for an interview before starting camp in Meissen.

Sid Rummenigge, in Meissen, holds 7th out of 31 camps in 2022 – how are things going in the 26th school year?
Michael Rummenigge: Things are going well because we stick to our recipe for success: we always put our hearts and souls in it. We want people to feel that we want to make a difference. The children noticed this knowing that they were going to take three days full of wonderful memories with them. Everyone on the team participates. This is the only reason why it works so well.

At Missen, there was a premiere with restrained ecstasy, around the year 2021 under normal circumstances. How excited are you for 2022?
Rummenigge: Very large. Because there is a completely different feeling. Since masks are no longer mandatory, perception has changed. You see people with full faces – and most of the time they are laughing.

Michael Rummenigge was a three-time German champion and three-time DFB Cup winner. The 58-year-old has been running his own football school for the past 26 years.

Photo: Dominic Berchtold

Last year you had to cancel some camps – including Sylt. How is the situation this year?
Rummenigge: Fortunately, very satisfied. Only at our first camp in Dortmund in the first weekend in April we had to cut short training with 100 children in the frost. It wasn’t a good start, but then we increased the speed.

Are there still restrictions on the camp in Meissen?
Rummenigge: Basically no more. We have set up sanitizers, nothing more. I am delighted to be able to do everything we can do again before 2019. There is only the full experience for the kids.

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As a football school organizer, what lessons have you learned from the two years of the pandemic?
Rummenigge: that we can approach the camp with the right behavior, almost no matter how large the obstacles are. For the first time we had a test station right on site. Today we are in normal operation. I haven’t heard the word “corona” yet this year.

How is cooperation going with officials in Mason?
RummeniggeTSV’s Thomas Rush has brought us further into the organizational team. With him and with Rainer Havel, who put together a great program, we have a well-established team. We don’t have to interfere too much. The registrations went well, and the procedure is usually very early.

photo series

Football School Michael Rummenigge at TSV Missen-Wilhams

The premiere was attended by 87 kids, 95 in 2021 and there will be 116 this year. Where is the limit
Rummenigge: This is a very nice trend, but there is definitely more to come. In Meissen, we occupy two large fields and count about 15 children per coach. This year, at the end of May, we have another camp with over 240 children in four large fields. At this scale, as we currently do, we have perfect framework conditions in Missen.

What can children expect in Meissen?
Rummenigge: We have a fun soccer field and measure shooting speed. For the break we have the Nintendo Switch. As part of the support program on Saturday at 3.30pm there will be a small kick-off with coaches and TSV Missen. There’s a new shirt for kids: We’ve created a red V-neck shirt inspired by the 1960s Bayern jersey. On the right sleeve is a heart of Ukraine.

Will the conflict turn into a problem in the camp?
Rummenigge: Yes, this is very important. We gather in the camps of Ukraine and transfer everything to the German Labor Alliance. In Meissen, Sunday’s mini world championship will also be around Ukraine. In the fall we plan two football days in Herzogenaurach for Ukrainian refugee children. We are doing well in our country. It is therefore important for children to develop an awareness of this. There should be no taboos with us.

Last year we talked about the problems children are getting in this epidemic – how do you see development in the offspring?
Rummenigge: We already have children between the ages of four and six – mostly children up to the age of twelve. But we have difficulties with young people – and here the curve goes down. We have to get more active – also in DFB – and be more targeted in order to keep kids in their teens.

Many clubs in all sports are complaining that the consequences of the pandemic have a significant impact on the physical development of children. Do you have the same impression?
Rummenigge: Children who want to play football come to us. This works fine. But we have to differentiate between training Bambini and training youth – completely different approaches are required. In general, we note that one or another child is becoming more and more complete. But those who enjoy this sport come.

In 2021 you said you feared the children would lose two years…
Rummenigge: It has been somewhat confirmed. Training, games can’t be done anyway. There was a lot of getting lost with a lot of kids. We are making up for what the children have lost.

What are you looking forward to in Meissen?
Rummenigge: There should be a big family celebration where people can meet and see each other again. I look forward to people shaking hands and smiling.

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