Formula E Berlin 2022 – the first race

Edoardo Mortara wins the first race in Berlin thanks to his clever attack mode strategy. Second place is Jean-Eric Vergne ahead of Stoffel Vandoorne. Porsche driver Andre Lotterer narrowly misses the podium.

Swiss Edoardo Mortara won the first Formula E race in Berlin. In the old Tempelhof Airport, the 35-year-old uses the center position optimally and wins thanks to a good offensive position strategy. The Venturi driver was the last driver in the leading group to use the first attack mode. Each driver is entitled to two attack modes of four minutes each during the race.

The first stage of the race featured energy management and chase. At the press conference, Mortara was delighted with his second win of the season: “It was a long and stressful race for me. I was constantly on the flame, which made power management difficult. My car was good in race mode, which makes it all the better that I started from first place. In terms of attack mode, my team and I had to make a lot of adjustments during the race.”

Failed start for Vandoorne

While Mortara has always been in the top three, world championship leader Stoffel Vandoorne had to work his way there first. The 30-year-old initially failed as he dropped from eighth to twelfth. In the extra lap, the Belgian climbed to the podium with a good racing pace and a fan boost. The championship captain had no doubts about the possibility of that happening, as he said after the race: “I knew I could fight up front. But I was overtaken on all sides from the start. After that I had good pace, power management and a lot of overtaking maneuvers. Lola The first round I would have had a better chance of winning.”

The Porsche drivers around Andre Lotterer and Pascal Wehrlein were also in the lead for a long time. The latter was the first driver to use his attack mode shortly before the end of the first third of the race and managed to climb to second for a short while. However, when other drivers followed suit, Sigmaringer pulled out of the top five once again, and the former F1 driver complained about his poor consistency after just a few laps. In his last qualifying duel, Wehrlein already had problems with the tires, which quickly overheated on the concrete slab track. The 27-year-old at least managed to get an extra point on the fastest race lap. On the other hand, Lotterer managed to stay in second for a long time until he finally had to let Vandoorne and Verney pass.

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In fourth place, Porsche driver Andre Lotterer missed the podium. His teammate Pascal Wehrlein finished sixth.

Mortara controls the race

While all of Mortara’s pursuers used first attack mode early on, the pole setter saved his first burst of energy until the middle of the race and only had to concede his lead to the Lotterer for a short while. However, the race remained close until shortly before the finish. This was mainly due to Vandoorne’s speed, who was able to work his way forward little by little and accumulate more and more pressure. Lotterer and Vandoorne forced the Swiss to activate his twelve laps after setting the first attack. When Mortara managed to fend off the attacks of the pursuers, everything pointed to a comfortable victory.

However, DS driver Jean-Eric Vergne intercepted and came back strong at the end of the race. There may also be some stomach rage: in a qualifying duel with Alexander Sims, the Frenchman drove the car at the same time as the Mahindra driver. However, race organizers put Sims ahead of Vergne because he set the time first. A circumstance that made Virginie jump out of his skin for a moment after qualifying. It also helped boost the hero’s fan twice.

Formula E Berlin 2022

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Mortara reduced the difference between him and Vandoorne to 19 points with a victory. Thanks to second place, Vergne is only three points behind world championship leader Vandoorne.

The battle of the tournament reaches its climax

Stoffel Vandoorne managed to defend his first position in the table. His lead by three points as he finished his nearest rival, Jean-Eric Vergne, ahead of him. New Zealander Mitch Evans’s Jaguar is 14 points behind, after working his way up from ninth on the grid to fifth. Thanks to the first place and the win, the Berlin winner Mortara took 28 points and cut the difference between the Mercedes driver Vandoorne to 19 points. Andre Lotterer, the best German, remains in fifth place with 55 points, directly in front of his Porsche teammate Pascal Wehrlein, with 51 points.

For Mortara, the taste of victory in Berlin is even better, as he seriously injured his back in an accident at the last race of the season in Berlin last year. The second round of Formula E takes place in Berlin on Sunday at 3 pm.

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