20 Years of Friends of the Kulturwerk Knowledge: Pursuing Vision Against Resistance

Message from 05/14/2022

By Klaus Kohnen

The idea of ​​the Kulturwerk has seen the world for 20 years now. Shortly thereafter, the association was founded, without which the success story of the private place would not have been possible. At the Christmas party, it became clear that things didn’t always go well for the project.

Diagonal mode and singer always hits the right note for lectures. (Photo: kko)

Knowledge. For a long time, industrial facilities were likely to be converted into cultural sites in the Ruhr region. But in 2002, local citizens and politicians interested in culture dared to jump at the deep end. The founders were convinced that this could also work in a smaller city. The success of the Kulturwerk proves them right. Planning and conversions lasted seven years, until the “kulturWERKwissen” hall opened in 2009. The concept was developed with the “Wissener eigenART” (Future Working Group Culture Forges Knowledge). The plans were implemented thanks to the Brucherseifer shipping agency, the Knowledge Society and a subsidy, albeit small, from the state.

Meanwhile, this hall is known far beyond the city limits and the region – after all, officials always manage to present well-known and famous artists. In his welcome address, the mayor and mayor of the Union of Municipalities, Berno Neuhof, recalled the beginnings: “Sometimes the project was on the brink. But we wanted to create a place for culture. The vision was pursued against resistance.” Neuhoff thanked everyone who supported the idea from the start. “The fact that shipping company Brucherseifer bought the site was a stroke of luck. Today honorary citizen Ulrich Brucherseifer was one of the first who was willing to support the association. We were able to purchase the hall and get started. in the city and the associated municipality, as well as those responsible for policy”, says Neuhof.

To celebrate the anniversary, local artists stood on the Kulturwerk stage. As in previous years, the well-known jazz band “Schräglage” supported the well-known cabaret artist Stefan Roach. He is known and loved for his annual reviews. During this performance, the cabaret artist was able to glimpse the epidemic and the elections. Reusch also addressed “new” developments such as the home office. Naturally, the neighbors “cleared their fat”. As usual, the audience was enthusiastic and this is evident from the applause. A wonderful evening passed very quickly for the guests. Everyone agreed that the Kulturwerk had become a staple in regional culture. and beyond. (kko)

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