What awaits us on Museum Night

Art and culture in Dusseldorf
What awaits us on Museum Night

She’s back after a two-year break: Museums Night in Düsseldorf. On June 11, exhibitions, readings and music will be held in 40 museums and exhibition halls. What visitors can expect – and what’s still missing this year.

Big events are back after a two-year hiatus with Corona – including Museum Night in Düsseldorf. On Saturday, June 11, between 7 pm and 2 am, about 40 museums and large and small exhibition halls open their doors, and there are exhibits, guided tours, readings, and live music. Some highlights and organizational matters at a glance.

distinct The House of History, which opened only in 2021, will be there for the first time. There’s live music in the Behrens Building on the Mannesmannufer, and guided tours about the history of Parliament are held at Villa Horion in Johannes-Rau-Platz. Photographer Jürgen M. Wogers’ exhibition can be seen on the Rhine Tower, which shows images from Dusseldorf and New York – as well as a night view of the state capital. Right next door in the KIT, nestled between the tunnel tubes for vehicular traffic, the exhibition “The Arch in the Eye” is on display and a Latin band plays. Those who want to be artistically active can, for example, visit the open studio in the art gallery and create their own designs on the theme “Cityscapes”. A tip from Miriam Koch, Alderman for Culture and Integration, is the unreserved ‘ES365’ in a vacant building on Erkrather Straße. 80 studios and free art exhibition spaces have been set up there. A ten-meter-high replica of the famous New York Guggenheim is also being built in Oberbilk. The music will be classical at Penrath Castle, through which costumed castle guides will lead, and a duet of violin and cello from Robert Schumann University will play.

shuttle buses There will again be three bus lines that will take visitors from one place to another between 7 pm and 2 am, with a layover of no more than ten minutes. There is also a historic tram that runs until 1am, which in itself is a rolling museum. All places are accessible by bus or train, and locations are marked with appropriate icons in the overview.

After the show party What’s still missing this year is the party when museums and galleries slowly close. The manufacturers decided there would be no after-party this year, Corona’s situation was still very uncertain at the beginning of planning, says Daniel Tobias Itzel of k/c/e Marketing.

Accelerates Organizers are expecting more visitors than in the years before the pandemic – up to 25,000 people have arrived on average. Now, after two years without any major events, many are hungry, says Miriam Koch. “We have high hopes of exceeding the number of visitors.” This could again lead to longer waiting times in front of museums and galleries. However, appointment bookings are not planned, one wants to maintain the flexibility of the event. “For me, standing in line and chatting while waiting is part of the experience,” says Miriam Koch.

Corona rules It is not yet clear what rules will apply on June 11. It’s very likely, Koch says, that by then there will be no requirement for a mask in event rooms.

cards Museum Night ticket sales begin May 13th. Tickets cost 15 euros and entitle you to enter all participating homes. An overview and online tickets are available at www.nacht-der-museen.de. Tickets are also available at popular ticket offices and at venues. Technical card holders do not need a ticket, they have free entry. More information is also available via the visitor hotline 0211 8999555.

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