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Werder Bremen still misses a point against Jan Regensburg to return to the Bundesliga. Coach Ole Werner doesn’t want any math games before the exciting end of the season. Captain Omer Toprak is likely to play.

by Ines Bellinger

Just in case, a copy of the championship cup was deposited in Bremen – but this is really secondary to the second division. Werder could actually top newly promoted Schalke 04 in the Bundesliga with a home win if they lose Gelsenkirchen in Nuremberg at the same time, but the main thing for the green side is a direct promotion. A tie suffices at the end of the season on Sunday at the all-sold Weser Stadium against Jahn Regensburg (3.30pm, at NDR Live Center with full audio report).

With Werder three points ahead of HSV (at Rostock) and Darmstadt 96 (against Paderborn) in the final round, Bremen can afford to lose at home, depending on the results of the pursuers.

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Werner: “You can’t play 0-0 for 90 minutes”

But Ole Werner does not want to know anything about such arithmetic games – after all, the end of the season can also end in fourth place if Werder loses and HSV and Darmstadt win. “You can’t play 0-0 for 90 minutes, because in football individual actions can make the difference,” coach Werder said. “We stick to our style of play and of course we want to win our last home game.”

Like a mantra, Werner has been chanting for weeks “we’ll stay with us”. And this is how it works: in preparation for the game everything went as usual, apart from the non-public training sessions, the 34-year-old does not believe in the possible motive for a bus trip in front of a crowd. fan of. Players individually drive to the stadium to eat together. “I don’t think doing something special makes you take things in a different direction. It just raises questions: Why are we doing this now?”

He is feeling the anticipation and tension before the 34th match day, otherwise it’s all about preparing for Regensburg’s aggressive style of play and dangerous set pieces. “You have to know exactly what you want to do and do it with confidence and conviction,” Werner said. He sees no parallels with the (eventually disappointing) season finale with the Keelers a year ago – at least nothing “helping us in any way”.

When going up to the balcony of town hall?

Like Werner, the entire Bremen still exercises Hanseatic restraint despite his good starting position. But it is already rumored that a return to the Bundesliga will be linked to a higher dedication, which Werder fans know only from title celebrations in times past. Accordingly, Mayor Andreas Bovenschulte wants to welcome the team in the event of a promotion on Monday at City Hall. And it wouldn’t be surprising to see Toprak & Co also on the balcony – especially since fans would probably gather there in droves if there was something to celebrate.

Bremen's Niclas Volkrug (front) celebrates Niklas Schmidt's goal.  © IMAGO / Kirchner Media

My voice: Bremen in high fever – a walk through town (3 minutes)

The mayor himself brought the town hall option into play after the 4-1 win over Schalke 04 via Twitter. “As a fan, he simply let himself get carried away emotionally,” the SPD politician said in an interview with “Deichstube”.

Will Werner take a risk with Toprak?

Speaking of Toprak. The defender has been back in training for a few days, but after a calf injury forced Werner to substitute early at Aue, it would be a bit risky to include the captain in the starting line-up again.

But for the coach, the influence of the leader on his teammates seems to play a bigger role. “Omar is a candidate for Sunday, even from the start,” Werner said. Toprak went through a week of training without any problems. “We will put the players on the field who give us the best possible chance of winning the game.” If something goes wrong, Christian Gross will be ready to organize the defensive line.

Regensburg coach Selimjovic talks about ‘hot dancing’

Guest coach Mirsad Selimjovic promises Bremen a “hot dance”. Oberpfälzer safely escaped the league and won only two games in the second half of the season, however: “I see myself and the players having to beat the gas. I want the boys to do everything they can.” Yan coach.

Werder professionals celebrated themselves by the fans at Weser Stadium.  © IMAGO / foto2press

My voice: Excitement for Werder fans – hope is alive! (1 minute)

The fan march begins in the market square

But hours before the match, Bremen could be in a state of emergency. Ultras from the “Infamous Youth” called a mass rally, which should begin at 12 noon on the market square in the direction of Osterdeich. “Bring your flags with you, be boisterous and do it all for green and white. For Werder, for promotion!” Ultras says.

While a good “Bambule” is required in front of the field and in the stands, rushing onto the field after the final whistle should be avoided. Given the 18 injuries at Schalke 04 last weekend, Werder made an urgent plea to his fans not to go inside – wherever Bremen ends up on the final bill.

Possible lineups

Werder: Pavlenka – Velikovic, Toprak, Friedel – Weiser, Big, Young – Bettencourt, Schmid – Filling Jug, Ducksch
Regensburg: Kirschbaum – Saller, Breitkreuz, Kennedy, Wekesser – Gimber, Besuschkow – Beste, Boukhalfa, Shipnoski – Albers

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Bremen's Niclas Volkrug (front) celebrates Niklas Schmidt's goal.  © IMAGO / Kirchner Media

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