‘Rapid, outrageous’: The Kremlin is angry at Putin’s criticism

In fact, the “end of history” should have brought about thirty years ago the “end of ideologies”, according to Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki (53) in an opinion piece for the conservative British newspaper The Daily Telegraph. At that time, many fell victim to “merciful oblivion” and imagined that the world would remain an “oasis of peace” forever. But Moscow was already working on the “return of the demons” that were now haunting Ukraine.

Satan’s pact with Stalin

The expectation that the history of the twentieth century would not repeat itself was revealed as an illusion with the attack on Ukraine on the 24th of February. At the Victory Parade on May 9 in Moscow, Vladimir Putin once again invoked the “myth” of Russia’s victory over Nazism: “He ignored the fact that the Red Army brought slavery to many countries while defeating Nazi Germany.” The West had concluded a “demon pact” with Stalin, for which the countries of Central and Eastern Europe paid.

Meanwhile, many wondered whether the foundations of freedom were still “firm and intact”: “The streets of Bucha, Irbin, and Mariupol are soaked with the blood of innocents. What is happening in Ukraine illustrates the return of cursed ideologies. The irony of the story is that Putin founded the new Russian imperialism on the myth of defeating the Nazis. His propaganda depicted the aggression against Ukraine as a “de-Nazification” process.

Is Putin more dangerous than Hitler?

Putin is neither Hitler nor Stalin: “Unfortunately, he is more dangerous. Not only does he have more deadly weapons at his disposal, but he also has social networks under his fingers that can spread his propaganda. Poland won the information war on assets in World War II, however, achieved Putin is his target. He has infected the Internet with millions of examples of fake news.”

Putin’s ideology of the “Russian world” is the antithesis of communism and Nazism: “It is an ideology that Russia uses to legitimize its rights and privileges. It also lays the foundation for the narrative of the ‘special historical mission’ of the Russian people.” For this, dozens of Ukrainian cities were exterminated and Russian soldiers were told that they Better than committing war crimes.

Morawiecki: “Removal of Putin” is necessary immediately

“Let’s not kid ourselves. This isn’t crazy, but it has a method that really opened the doors to genocide.” The Russian scientist “is a cancer that is annihilating not only the majority of Russian society, but also the rest of Europe. Therefore, it is not enough to support Ukraine in this military confrontation with Russia. We must eradicate this new terrible ideology entirely.”

Morawiecki spoke of the need to “de-Putin” on the basis of the model of de-Nazification in Germany. If this does not start immediately, then the West will lose its soul, freedom and sovereignty: “Because Russia will not stop at Kyiv.”

The Kremlin: “The metastases of Polish society”

Given this military choice of words, it is not surprising that the press spokesman for the President of the Russian Federation, Dmitry Peskov, called Moraviki’s views “outrageous, impudent, rabid and unacceptable.”

Pesko said Morawiecki’s words are “the essence of that hatred of the Russians, which, unfortunately, has so clearly spread like metastases in all Polish politics, the entire Polish leadership, and in many respects Polish society.”

Russia’s deputies: “crime”

Deputy Speaker of the Russian State Duma Irina Yarovaya (55 years old): “The basically fascist statement by the Prime Minister of Poland is not only a personal disgrace, but his betrayal of the memory of the thousands of Poles who were exterminated by Hitler and the Ukrainian fascists, as well as thousands of Poles who were saved by Soviet soldiers. This is a crime ” .

According to Yarovaya, the Russian world consists of millions of people who understand the “Russian world” primarily as “language, spirit, faith, compassion, family ideals and friendliness.” The Polish prime minister should be described as an “extremist”.

A new form of dynaze.

Adalbi Shkhagoshev, 54, a member of the State Duma Committee on Security and Anti-Corruption, told RIA Novosti that Morawiecki himself needed to be “dishonored”: “It is time to introduce a new form of de-Nazification, which should not necessarily be geographical as in Ukraine, should to extend to the persons and politicians who engage in such discourse.”

The outrageous excitement shows that Morawiecki has hit a sore point in the Kremlin’s argument. The term “de-Nazification,” which Putin and his supporters often used to refer to Ukraine in the beginning, and was one of the official “war goals,” has since lost a lot of credibility. The Kremlin is under tremendous pressure to justify and succeed, internationally anyway, but increasingly also at home.

It may be about something less than delaying the collapse of Putin’s edifice of lies for as long as possible. But even Chinese observers do not think this is very promising.

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