New Opening: Barry’s Café in the Wiehre – Freiburg

Barry’s Café offers some vacation in the hustle and bustle of the Freiburg Wiehre district. Here Marc Glunz implements his first store project, creating a space for good food and drink, rest and finding peace.


Barry’s Café opened at the beginning of April just across from Johanneskirche in the Freiburg Weir district, a stone’s throw from Dreisam. The building has changed owners frequently in recent years and has been advertised for rent over a longer period of time. However, 25-year-old Mark Glones is not deterred by the fact that this is not usually an indication of the store’s location. He took the opportunity to realize his dream of owning his own coffee shop. A lot has happened since signing the contract in December of last year: With the support of friends, Mark installed a kitchen, installed new walls and ceilings, painted it, thought through the lighting concept, and installed and installed interior fixtures. They only asked for the help of professional carpenters on the table and the large shelves on the walls. “We definitely had business here for three or four months,” Mark says. “And then we kind of jumped into the deep end. It all started on April 8th, and that was the opening.”


Even from the outside, the café invites you to relax. In front of the large window facade there are tables and chairs of different colors and shapes. The seamless transition between the café and the street is reminiscent of Italy, a feeling that is confirmed as you step inside: orange and lemon trees adorn Bares, a red Vespa stands by the table and two large chandeliers hang from the high ceiling. From early afternoon until evening hours, the sun shines through the large windows directly into the café.

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It is important that Mark conveys a friendly and warm atmosphere. He loves the contrast between modern and traditional: dark wooden tables and chairs stand between the large white shelves that line two of the café’s walls. A ladder leads from the front to the raised rear part of the room. Mark describes the atmosphere as “You don’t sit in the front, you can also be with yourself a little bit.” While the cafe life comes alive in the front, there is plenty of space on the sofas and a long table in the back for conversations, work, study, reading or just enjoying a good coffee.


Mark Glones is 25 years old and a qualified teacher. Even before his professional training, he dreamed of owning his own shop and entertaining people. Although he already had experience in the food industry, opening and running his own business was a huge step that involved stress and risks. It’s important for Mark to also report on these experiences as a coffee shop owner: the early days in particular have hurdles, and there’s a lot to learn and win customers over. However, he talks about these problems in a reflexive, relaxed and full of enthusiasm for action. “There are many beautiful things, but also many things that are particularly difficult at first,” Mark says.

His reward: “It’s great to have people here who are happy and appreciate what we’re doing here.”
Mark runs Barry’s Café on his own, but when asked what his café was like without hesitation, he answered without hesitation: “Emma, ​​I’m glad I got Emma!” 20-year-old Emma Lang and weekender complement Mark’s little team, where together they prepare coffee, smoothies, sandwiches and mini desserts.


“We appreciate the friendliness, that you come as a guest and leave as a friend” – this is how Mark describes the concept of Barry, which is also reflected in the logo: a teddy bear holding a cup of coffee in his hands. The name of the café is also the nickname of its owner, Mark: Barry. He adapted his plans and ideas to the premises: in the future, he would also like to use the basement available to him to take part in the evening chores with drinks and plates of appetizers. Private parties can rent Bari.
Just as details are still missing in the interior, the concept is also gradually evolving with the customers. Mark is open to ideas, and wants to design his coffee shop according to what his customers want and grow with them. “Of course we have our basic concept, but we’re also open to other things — suggestions, thinking, just trying things,” he says.

Food and drinks

Barry’s Café does not have a fixed menu – all drinks and food are on a large chalk board opposite the entrance. There’s coffee, fresh juices, sandwiches, paninis, crepes and Belgian pancakes. Mark gets his bread from a baker in Wiehre in the morning, and he gets his coffee from Günter Coffee Roasters, a coffee roaster in Freiburg. Quality products are important to him. “We cook like we do at home,” Mark explains. He prepares all the dishes himself, reflecting his love for Mediterranean cuisine. His personal dish is the marinara sandwich: a big piece of baguette with meatballs, tomato sauce, basil, and lots of cheese. But he’s also cheer about paninis with Italian sausage and cheese, and a veggie sandwich with eggplant bacon and puddings. “Belgian waffle with fresh strawberry bits and whipped cream on top. It’s so simple, but really delicious, you hardly get it in Freiburg.” Mark says he doesn’t use a lot of frills and prefers to make his food fresh – then wait a bit to get a sandwich, but it’s guaranteed to be home-made.

work hours

Closed on Monday
Tuesday to Sunday: 10:00 AM – 7:00 PM


Barry Cafe
Günterstalstrasse 7

79102 Friborg

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