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Today, the program for the next season of NDR Radio Philharmonic was presented. Andrew Manzi will be in his final season as conductor. At the same time, there is high expectation that we will be able to start over in full concert halls.

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by Agnes Buhrig

The season will officially open on September 17 with Hanover concerts in the Dome Hall and the Great Orchestra’s Suite “The Planets” by English composer Gustav Holst. Four choirs from the city attend, because Ralph Vaughan Williams and George Friedrich Handel, an Englishman by choice, are also on the programme. Good choice for NDR Radiophilharmonie Director, Matthias Ilkenhans: “Andrew is English and ‘The Planets’ is one of the greatest English symphonic works out there. We’ve never done this with him and that’s why I thought it was obvious to finally bring that to the concert hall. It’s a massive, massive and impactful piece that fits well. Just the season opener.”

Brahms Festival: Peak in March 2023

A highlight – already planned for last season – is the Brahms Festival in March. In addition to the German Requiem, Andrew Manzi will conduct all of the composer’s symphonies. Among the soloists are Tania and Christian Tetzlaff, as well as Martin Helmchen.

If you like it more common, we recommend the “Classic Extra – Curious”. At the opening ceremony in October, the work of German-Iranian composer Arash Safayan “This (not) Beethoven” will be heard. The NDR Philharmonic will play the music for the football movie “The Miracle of Bern” live for the big screen.

“Phil and Chill”: “Le sacre du printemps” with DJ

But Andrew Manns is also looking forward to the “Phil and Chill” series, where young people can enjoy live action with DJs after Stravinsky’s “Le sacre du printemps.” “Not only because it is a great piece of music, but also because we present it to a young audience. It is a pleasure to live this concert with young people. We have missed it so much in the past two years.”, says Andrew Manns. “It’s going to be a huge celebration of what makes a great orchestra and I hope the guys next will say, ‘Wow, that’s cool, I want more of that. “

Searching for a successor to Andrew Manzi

Concerts with famous conductors such as the director of the Herrenhausen Arts Festival, Ingo Metzmacher, who combines Richard Strauss and “Libération”, a work by Lower Saxon composer Anton Plait, are also exciting. Young talent Tarmo Peltokoski from Finland leads Korngold and Shostakovich. It remains to be seen if he is a candidate to succeed Andrew Manzi.

When it comes to repertoire, he must have skills in classical repertoire – as a complement to the NDR Elbphilharmonie orchestra, Matthias Elkenhans says: “His Hamburg colleagues focus heavily on the 21st century. As the smaller, more graceful orchestra, so much at home in the 19th century” must That the person who becomes a train conductor here has their qualities. And then of course, by and large — this is a music leader’s greatest challenge — human competence to bring these 86 highly qualified musicians together behind a common concept.” But before that happens, Andrew Manzi will bid farewell to his fans and Hanoverians next summer and hold the big concert up in the air. Opens on July 14-15, 2023. What will be played is not yet decided. In any case, it should be festive.

The new season of NDR Radiophilharmonie has a multifaceted program in store – something for every taste in classical music. Advance ticket sales begin May 20.

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