Heinsburg County State Election 2022: You Need To Know It

State elections in Heinsburg County
You need to know this before voting on Sunday

For the third year in a row, Erklinzer Land will go to the polls on May 15 to select a new state parliament. We answer the most important election-related questions in advance.

After local elections in September 2020 and federal elections in September 2021, more than 190,000 eligible voters in Heinsberg County will head to the polls again next Sunday, May 15. This time a new state parliament will be elected. The starting position is clear.

Who can vote? All German citizens who have reached the age of 18 on election day, who have had their principal place of residence in North Rhine-Westphalia for at least the sixteenth day before the election or who have ordinarily resided there and do not have residence outside the state and who are not entitled to vote are disqualified.

How is he elected? Each voter has two first and second votes. With the first vote, a direct candidate who goes to the state parliament is elected for the constituency. A party is elected by a second vote.

Where is the election? At 186 polling stations in the Heinsberg district. 97 of them are in the 97th district Heinsberg I and 89 are in the 10th Heinsberg II district. Voting is possible on Sundays from 8am to 6pm. Each voter received a ballot paper detailing the exact polling location. Each voter must be able to identify themselves in the pub, for example through an ID card or passport. You should also bring the notice with you.

How is Heinsberg County divided? Roughly speaking, in the northern and southern circles. Both constituencies select a direct candidate for state parliament. The Erklinzer Land with the towns of Erklins, Hokelhoven, Wigberg and Wassenberg forms the 98th district of Heinsburg 2.

What are the rules of corona applied in the polling station? There are no longer mask requirements, no testing requirements. However, the administrations indicate the rules of general hygiene – after all, wearing a mask and keeping a distance between you is in no way prohibited. The city council recommends wearing a mask.

Who are the candidates there for the election? In the Erkelenzer Land, nine direct candidates throw their hats into the ring: Thomas Schnell of Hückelhoven (CDU), Heike Simons of Wassenberg (SPD), Tino Pakusa of Hückelhoven (FDP), Jürgen Spenrath of Erkelenz (AfD), Paul Mank of Wassenberg (Greenz). ), Manuel Steck of Hückelhoven (left), Norbert Boksberg of Wegberg (Pirate Party), Heinrich-Josef Frings of bach-Palenberg (free voters) and Michael Aggelidis of Bonn (base). There are 29 parties included in the second voting list.

What if I get sick on election day? In this case – for example if the corona test is positive – you can still vote. Until 3 pm, the authorized person can apply to the relevant municipality to vote by mail on presentation of a medical certificate. Also in this case, documents must be at the polling station by 6 pm at the latest.

When will the results be available? At 6 p.m., local election workers soon began to cast their ballots. As a rule, the first induction is carried out quickly. The first polling districts can already be counted between 7.30 and 9 pm. In our live blog on RP ONLINE, we will inform you of current events on Sunday. The Heinsberg District also invites you to an informational event from 6 p.m. at the District Hall, in which direct candidates usually participate. On Sunday evening, the district will also transmit the preliminary result, which will be officially determined by the Election Commission on May 19.

What is the starting point? In the conservative district of Heinsberg, CDU candidate Thomas Schnelli (Northern District) and Bernd Kruekel (South District) are the clear candidates. Both have formulated the goal of securing direct mandates with a clear majority and retaining their positions in the Dusseldorf state parliament. The biggest contenders are likely to be SPD candidates Heike Simmons (Northern District) and Andrea Reh (Southern District). However, Rih has a good chance of getting into the state parliament anyway: she’s on the SDP’s promising No. 18 list, which will probably suffice. It will be very difficult for FDP man Stefan Lenzen (Heinsberg), who is 22nd on the list and must shiver for his seat in the state parliament due to poor FDP referendum values.

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