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subordinate The theme for this year’s International Museum Day is “Discover museums with joy”. On Sunday (May 15), museums around the world offer guided tours, excursions, markets, concerts, or craft activities, with admission often free. There are about 1,700 museums in Germany alone.

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Whether it is the brightly colored or expressive paintings, the furniture of the Bauhaus, or the Baroque oil paintings of heroes from Greek mythology – that The State Museum of Art and Cultural History in Oldenburg offers various tours for different interests. If you want, you can also become active yourself, completely new: the course in fashion painting in the castle, says press spokeswoman Julia Deitch: “You can learn a lot about the time when the works were created. What kinds of portraits of women prevailed? What kind of traditions Social? Research that the use of the pictures and paintings we have in the palace is of course very exciting and presents a completely different view of art.”

Proper poetry and the history of an epidemic in Lower Saxony

Visitors to Wilhelmshaven experience a completely different kind of art: vocal poetry. Ursonata by Kurt Schwitters is still a source of inspiration for artists 100 years after its creation, ie from comics, films, pop music and performance. Works inspired by this major work of modernity are found in Wilhelmshaven Art Gallery. Photographer Andreas Jörns spent seven weeks photographing young people going about their daily lives on the North Frisian island of Fore.

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Historic textile machines in the spinning room of the Tuchmacher Museum in Bramsche © Tuchmacher Museum Bramsche Photo: Oliver Pracht

On May 15, several museums in Lower Saxony will present themselves with analog and digital shows and campaigns. more

On Museum Day, these young people from the island will lead his exhibition in West Coast Museum of Art press spokeswoman Marilyn Rucker says: ‘A lot of people come to the island and think, ‘What’s it like growing up here’, but one might assume it would be a little boring, but it’s just the opposite. Young people are not involved. It is true here, in the clubs, and it is also special that the young people now have their say and also give their point of view on the entire photo project. This makes the tour very special.”

who – which The Municipal Museum in Göttingen and the Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum in Hildesheim are dedicated to epidemics and epidemics in history.

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An employee conveys the figure of a plague doctor with a beaked mask at the Römer and Pelizaus Museum in Hildesheim in a special exhibition

The Roemer and Pelizaeus Museum is all about the history of epidemics. There is even a virus entering. more

People queuing in front of the Municipal Museum in Göttingen.  © City Museum Göttingen

A new show in Göttingen looks at the effects of lockdown and hygiene regulations on the city. more

Old Computers and Other Journeys Through Time in Schleswig-Holstein

Messing with old gaming machines and slot machines that invite you Oldenburg Computer Museum. Also this The Hans European Museum Lübeck organizes the Medieval Festival. Other homes have a technical focus – eg old computers.

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View of a hall in the monastery of Lübeck Castle at the Hans European Museum © Europäisches Hansemuseum Photo: Thomas Radbruch

Entry to many museums in Schleswig-Holstein is free today, and there are special representative and digital campaigns. The opening event of the 45th International Museum Day will take place this morning in the city of Neumünster at the Museum of Fabric and Technology. Old children’s games can be experienced in a new way at the Elmshorn Industrial Museum. as well as in Ahrensburg Castle awaits its visitors with a colorful program of music, ancient crafts, and rulers in costume. The new hidden object game for adults requires keen eyes and an old doll that invites you back in time. In the vaulted cellar of the Warleberger Hof City Museum Kiel, those interested can embark on a journey back in time to the 17th century.

Technical Contact Points in Mecklenburg – West Pomerania

In Wismar, visitors can experience the laws of nature in practice. Using a pendulum dispensing paint, they could draw a picture on a piece of cardboard. Learning by doing is the principle in The main thing is to experience it in a playful way, i.e. not to explain as much to the teacher as to the experience of the children in particular, how hard it is to swing the pendulum to do it, it remains really at the top of the picture, explains van Tecnnikkomen Wismar, press spokeswoman Nastasja Hen. The color that is created when I make it stronger, or lower. So, just try and experience the magic of physics.”

International Museum Day aims to draw attention to the diversity of museums

if this Maritime Museum Rostock, East Frisian Museum in Emden, or Joachim Ringlents Museum in Cuxhaven – Several hundred museums in the North with very different areas of focus participate in World Museum Day.

Empty golden photo frames stacked on top of each other.  © Comstock Pictures

My voice: International Museum Day in Schleswig-Holstein (1 minute)

Stars, castles and the city of Banik in Hamburg

In Hamburg, twelve museums are participating in this year’s World Museum Day, including the Hamburg Astronomical Park with a tour of the Hamburg Observatory and a 3D virtual tour of the building. who – which Hamburg Archaeological Museum offers a guided tour of the castles in Hamburg Immigration Museum BallinStadt Hamburg Family search in Hamburg’s passenger lists.

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The outside area of ​​the Hamburg Migration Museum in Ballenstadt.  © BallinStadt

The BallinStadt commemorates the five million people who left Europe through the port of Hamburg until 1934. More

House 1 of the Immigration Museum Ballenstadt © Henning Cordes / NDR Photo: Henning Cordes

A face is given to emigration at the BallinStadt Hamburg Emigration Museum. external

Altunner Museum, Archaeological Museum Hamburg, Museum Am Rothenbaum – World Cultures and Arts, Astronomy Observatory Park Hamburg, German Harbor Museum, Artists Estate Forum (FKN), Prison Museum Hamburg, Helmut Schmidt Forum, Jenisch House, Kunsthaus Hamburg, Migration Museum BallinStadt Hamburg , Hamburg History Museum, Museum of Arts and Crafts, Museum of Labor, Neuengamme Concentration Camp Memorial, Banjk – Multimedia experience in Udo Lindenberg

This day, announced annually worldwide by the International Council of Museums (ICOM), draws attention to the importance and diversity of museums. In Germany, Museum Day is carried out in cooperation between the Federation of German Museums, ICOM Germany and the offices and associations of museums in the federal states.

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On World Museum Day, some homes were reopened to its visitors. But it also offers a wide range on the Internet. Here you can find more information. external

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