Athletic novelty reveals how a butt can quickly become firm

She lifts 20-kilogram barbells, planks for more than eight minutes, can ride a bike for four hours and go to the gym for up to 14 hours a week: At 82, Erica Rechko is one of the fittest pensioners in Germany and at the same Time is a successful sports influencer. She only started playing sports at the age of 55 – before that the Rheinlander watch had nothing to do with it. Today, however, hardly a day goes by when you don’t train. And half the followers online are watching: more than 73,000 followers on Instagram, more than 375,000 fans on TikTok, and enthusiastic comments from all over the world.

Erika Rischko is the living and most impressive proof that it’s never too late to start working out and that a lot can be achieved with a little perseverance. “For me, training is also the quality of life. It is fun and makes me feel better.” “I have very different ways of commuting these days than I used to and didn’t think it was possible for my age.”

For Berliner Zeitung, the sports grandmother and self-confessed fitness junkie has compiled three effective exercises with which everyone can get a flatter butt. You don’t need any tools, just about ten minutes every two days at least. Ideally, warm up beforehand by running or jumping in place for two minutes. And in the end you should stretch your muscles a little. This increases success and can reduce muscle soreness. Anyway, stick with it and don’t give up too quickly: in three to four months you’ll see and feel successful!

Exercise 1: Leg raise

Erica Richko: Go on all fours, your wrists under your shoulders, and your knees wide apart. Then lower your forearms and lean on them, similar to a plank. The legs remain in the bent position. Then lift one leg, keeping the knee at a right angle, pull it up so the sole of your foot is pointing toward the ceiling, and lower it back down again, but don’t bring it back down all the way. Slowly, with strength, not with excessive force. The other leg remains on all fours.

Repeat 15 times, then switch legs. Again, 15 ups and downs. Then take a 30-second break, rest briefly, and then start the second round. 15 repetitions for each leg. You must do three runs in total.

If form is too strenuous for you, you can switch legs — right, left, right, left — until you get to 30 instead of lifting one leg and then the other. However, if you want to enhance the exercise, extend the lifting leg lengthwise to move it into this position.

Exercise 2: sumo teams

Erica Rechko: The teams are idling. When your legs are wider than hip width, they are called sumo bands because you stand like a wrestler. So: stand with your feet wide apart and then squat as much as possible. Make sure your stomach is tense to avoid arching your back and that your knees don’t slide forward. They need to stay above the ankles to avoid overuse. You can place your hands at your sides or extend them out if you are having trouble balancing.

Then it starts: down, up, down, up. A total of 15 times. Then take a short break, shake your legs well, then repeat the second and third rounds, also 15 times each. If you can do it without any problems, you can install a boost. Take an elastic band and tie it around your knees so that you always have to keep the belt tight against your legs.

Exercise 3: Pelvic Bridge

Erica Richko: Lie on your back, lift your feet and pull them so close to your butt that you can look almost straight at your erect thighs. Then push yourself away from your heels, and roll your body up as far as possible. Ideally, you will be supported on your feet and shoulders, and your back off the ground.

Repeat this exercise 15 times in three sets, taking a short break in between to rotate your back and breathe deeply. The following applies to all exercises: keep breathing, do not hold your breath and smile from time to time. It’s tough, but it’s good.

Erika Rischko has written a book about her life with sports: Erika Rischko / Prof. Dr. Ingo Froböse: It’s not too late for fitness. Active and mobile to old age, ZS Verlag, 160 pages, €23 approx.

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