The G7 meeting in Weissenhaus: what the foreign ministers are talking about

Lubeck.The Group of Seven (G7) is an informal forum of the seven leading economies of the world, the United States of America, Canada, Japan, Great Britain, France, Italy, and Germany, and was first held in France in 1975. In addition to the meetings of heads of state and government, conferences gain Regular foreign ministers are particularly important.

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One country has the rotating presidency and invites the others as hosts, this year Germany again.

Barbock: Germany will dispense with Russian energy “forever”.

Foreign Minister Anna-Lena Berbuk traveled to Kyiv and met with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky.

Representatives from Ukraine and Moldova also attended the Weissenhaus

German Foreign Minister Annalina Barbock has invited her colleagues Liz Truss (Great Britain), Melanie Jolie (Canada), Yoshimasa Hayashi (Japan), Luigi Di Maio (Italy), Jean-Yves Le Drian (France) and Anthony Blinken (USA) to the G7 invited to meet At Weissenhaus Castle. It remains uncertain whether Blinken will attend or be represented. He was recently isolated due to his infection with the Corona virus.

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A spokeswoman for the Federal Foreign Ministry said on Wednesday that the foreign ministers of Ukraine and Moldova, Dmytro Kuleba and Nico Popescu, sometimes attend the talks. There are fears that the tiny republic bordering Ukraine could be one of Russia’s next targets.

The theme of the G7: Russia’s war in Ukraine

Their deliberations focus on the Russian war in Ukraine and its impact on energy and food security, for example. It is also about the role of China and the situation in the Indo-Pacific. The spokeswoman said that the situation in Afghanistan, Africa, the situation in the Middle East, as well as the joint struggle against the climate crisis and the Corona epidemic and its consequences are other topics.

+++ You can read the latest news and developments about the war in Ukraine in our live blog. +++

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Venue: luxury hotel in an old castle

They meet at the “Weissenhaus Grand Village by the Sea Resort & Spa”, a 75-hectare luxury hotel. The heart of the preserved complex is the former manor house and grand estate. In 2005, the dilapidated group was taken over by the investor, founder of AOL, Jan-Henrik Buetner, and then extensively renovated – today it is one of the best hotels in Germany. However, the department’s management with 140 good employees in the Wangles area does not give any information about the meeting.

3,500 police officers protect the guests

Guest safety is a top priority: 3,500 officers from the Federal Police, State Police and the Federal Criminal Police Office are on site. Guests are accommodated not only in the hotel, but also in Kiel, Lübeck and even the suburbs of Hamburg. They will all have to commute between their places of residence and workplace. Police will close off the area around the hotel to vehicular traffic. There are exceptions only for residents.

Controls announced that drones are not allowed to take off

The Baltic Sea is also closed in a radius of 2.5 kilometers around the place. Drones are not allowed to fly within a radius of nine kilometers, and fishing within a radius of ten kilometers is prohibited. “Pedestrians and cyclists should also expect checks, and the bags and backpacks you bring with you can be searched,” Reuter explains. The State Police sees itself on guard: “We already have some experience. Many of them were also deployed at the G7 foreign ministers meeting in Lübeck five years ago.”

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No demonstrations registered yet

District Director Reinhard Sakr (CDU) looks at the meeting of politicians in his constituency with mixed feelings: “It sure is happening here. We have attractive places and hotels,” he said. However, preparation goes hand in hand with “crazy effort”. Administrative capabilities will be restricted for weeks. Otherwise, he notes “essential composure” in Eastern Holsteiner. Above all, he hopes things remain peaceful. According to the authority, no meetings were recorded as of Tuesday noon.

Meeting at Schloss Elmau in Bavaria at the end of June

During the last German presidency in 2015, the G7 foreign ministers came to Schleswig-Holstein, at that time to Lübeck. This year, after the meeting of foreign ministers in Weissenhaus, the highlight will be a summit meeting chaired by Federal Chancellor Olaf Schulz (SPD) from 26-28 June 2022 at Elmau Castle in the Bavarian Alps.

By the way, Russia was included in the group in 1998, and since then there have been meetings of the G8, as in 2007 in Heiligendamm (Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania). In 2014, Russia was again excluded due to the annexation of Ukraine’s Crimea.

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