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Elections in TuS Kinzigtal (from left): Mayor Thomas Geppert, Chief Oliver Kiefer, Deputy Marco Naskowski (new), Johannes Armbruster (administration/care, new) and Deputy Lucas Bächle Photo: jelly

Annual General Meeting: TuS President Kinzigtal has two vice presidents in the future / Thank you Mayor

TuS Kinzigtal’s management will be strengthened: President Oliver Kiefer will have two Vice Presidents in the future. The elections took place at the general meeting on Friday at Gasthaus Kreuz unanimously.

And wrap you half a mile. Vice President Lukasz Bachell will share responsibility for Vice President with Marko Naskovsky. Also new to the team is Johannes Armbruster, who was elected captain of the team again this year. Together with Philip Heitzmann, he will be responsible for the Administration/Care Department.

Some offices have been simplified, such as the club development. In the future, this task will be performed by Ann-Julie Mahlendorf and Sophia Bächle, where Melanie Kern is no longer a candidate. Only active footballers will be represented by Andreas Rauber, as Adrian Schwartz will succeed Wolfgang Reinberger, youth football captain (see information box).

Kids should soon be enjoying “kicking” again

Treasurer Manuel Shrimp reported a strong cash position, although the previous year’s profit halved in 2020. In the 2019/2020 game round, TuS distinguished itself with a very strong home chain, according to Martin Neumaier, management/sports. Neumayer recalled the difficult situation, “in mid-April, the tour was canceled due to Corona, and the subsequent tour was canceled due to the second closure at the end of October.” The training took place under difficult conditions and now it is important to score the first points in this young season. “Let’s hope that Corona will allow us to finish this season,” Neumayer wished.

Wolfgang Reinberger, who read his last report as a young captain, agreed with this wish: “I hope that soon the children will enjoy playing football again.” The coaches reported on the activities of the individual divisions, the men’s teams, and the three women’s teams. Women’s Team 1 chief Rita Rauber has long announced that the division will be disbanded due to the age structure. Alexander Schremp, who won the 2019 Epiphany Championships in Oberwolfach and took third place in 2020, spoke for “old gentlemen”.

Oliver Kiefer recalled in his great public activity report that he was elected president. “We took the holiday camp from Awo and started a ’82 club soccer tournament,” Kiefer says. After a few months, it was only canceled – but the club was not idle and reshaped during that time.

Mayor Thomas Gebert, who ran both bylaws and elections, gave high praise for the successful generational change of the board. Although TuS stands for “kicking,” it does a lot with the summer vacation program and other activities. “Thank you very much,” said the mayor. He wished the club continued cohesion and sporting success.

Chairman Oliver Kiefer Vice President Lukasz Bachell and Marko Naskowski (new), Secretary Jens Hoegel, Treasurer Manuel Schremp, Management/Sports Martin Neumayer and Arne Franzen, Management/Sponsorship of Johannes Armbruster (new) and Philip Heitzmann, Economic Committee/Festival Coordination Pete and Jürgen Equal , Game Committee Dennis Kern, representative of active footballers Andreas Rauber, youth football captain Adrian Schwartz, Club development Anne-Julie Mahlendorf and Sophia Paschel, Residents Dominic Forli and Wolfgang Rheinberger, Data Protection Coordination Falck Franzen

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