The war in Ukraine: the Lviv Academy of Music of the Rhineland-Palatinate supports the Lviv Academy of Music

Message from 05/11/2022

By Wolfgang Tischler

Rolf Eilers, president of the State Music Academy of the Rhineland-Palatinate based in Neuwied, has already attended the “Lviv Music Academy” (Lymberg) in Ukraine three times during peacetime. He got a call for help. In Lemberg, people fear for the extensive historical notation that has not yet been digitized.

In the Lviv Academy of Music from left: Sofia Domich (student representative), Professor Ostap Manoliak, Rolf Eilers, Rector Prof. Igor Belatiuk, Bjorn Rodday, Vice Rector Prof. Myron Kushner. Pictures: private

Noved. The Lviv Academy of Music is located right next to a police station, and there is great concern that this police station may be attacked with missiles and the academy will be affected. In this way, the great archive of the academy could also be destroyed. There is no backup. When the request for help reached Rolf Ehlers, it was clear to him that a quick help was urgently needed.

Ehlers introduced his longtime friend and friend Dr. Bjorn Rudy, conductor of the State Youth Choir. He runs the relief organization “OPERiAMO” in Boppard. The organization had already organized two aid transfers in the direction of Lemberg. Bjorn Rudy was ready to help right away. The same goes for the Friends of the State Music Academy, who met on the same day the call for help came. Another €1,000 was automatically collected that evening, and more money was made available. A DIN-A-3 scanner was purchased from this.

Bjorn Rudy has a Ph.D. and has supplied his car, the high-top station wagon. The two scanners took up very little space. As a doctor, he contacted the hospital in Lemberg directly and found out which substances were urgently needed. Every day more than 100 soldiers arrive there for medical care. Sewing materials were in great demand. Medicinal materials were purchased and loaded with the support of the company “OPERiAMO”.

On Friday, May 6, the transport was loaded and Rolf Eilers and Bjorn Rodday made their way to Limberg. Everything went smoothly up to the Polish border. Before the border, they encounter a three-kilometer traffic jam. You can advance only one kilometer per day. There was no liaison man who was supposed to receive the assistants. The two managed to reach the border quickly in an adventurous manner. But there was only one time before the end of the turn. Polish customs officers wanted shipping documents in Polish. Rodday’s doctor card didn’t help at first, either. The Germans must turn back and stand in line at the back of the traffic jam. They didn’t think this was an option and just stood there, waving their cards over and over. Finally, after some time, the barrier rose and after three more checks, the trip to Lemberg continued without any major problems.

In Lemberg, Ehlers and Rodday received a very friendly welcome, as they reported in our editorial interview. The things they had brought were personally delivered and Björn Rudy got a picture of the hospital and made personal calls. More medication is needed in the hospital. It was already clear to both assistants that they would be driving another mode of transport. On the day they spent in Lemberg, they had to visit the air raid shelter twice because there was an air raid alert.

Rolf Ehlers directly agreed to cooperate with the Lemberg Music Academy. As far as possible, a delegation will come to Neuwied and joint performances and student exchanges are planned. There was also a city tour of Lemberg, both of which describe it as a very beautiful city with a lot of culture.

On Sunday, she was then on the 1,500-kilometre return route. A vehicle belonging to a local aid organization took Ehlers and Rodday in their car to the border. The two described the journey as very perilous, but they kept calm and made it to the border safely. Thanks to the support, the border crossing is faster this time.

Despite the adventures, Eilers and Rudy plan to drive another transport once they collect enough donation money to purchase medical supplies. OPERiAMO’s donation account is:
IBAN Number: DE47 5605 1790 0001 1460 75
Kreissparkasse Rhein Hunsrück

All OPERiAMO employees work on a voluntary basis, so that donations are not reduced by staff costs. More information about OPERiAMO is available here:

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