School development Aistaig: Nicole Brommer manages the fortunes of the primary school – Oberndorf and the surrounding area

Nicole Brommer has been the principal of Aistaig Elementary School for nine months. Photo: Fuhrland

Since her appointment as Head of Aistaig Primary School on August 1, 2021, Nicole Brommer has settled well and passionately dedicates herself to developing the school from an educational and digital standpoint.

Oberndorf-Aistaig – Brummer has completed a full course as she completed her first internship at the school at Aistaig. I have always enjoyed introducing innovations and pushing projects forward. Already involved in Gosheim and Dornhan’s teamwork to develop the school.

After so many ideas from those around her, she became more and more inclined to the idea of ​​applying for the position of headmistress. However, she did not want to rush into new challenges, she only wanted to embark on new challenges after careful consideration. The staff development meeting of the State Education Authority and further training of the Teachers Academy reinforced its decision to take a responsible position in shaping the progress of the school. “It was the perfect time,” Bromer said happily today.

deep rooted

Aistaig Primary School scored with her in a family atmosphere, harmonious framework conditions, stable student numbers and proximity to Bochingen, where the 38-year-old lives with her family.

Both professionally and privately, the 38-year-old has his roots firmly in the area and appreciates the stable environment.

Despite her overall responsibilities, Brummer loves direct contact with students and currently teaches mathematics for third and fourth grades. “The most important thing is the children,” Prommer explains with conviction. “We want to create a fertile environment for them and constantly develop the school. They need good conditions so that they can learn well.”

little treasure chest

At Aistaig you see a good mix of mature structures and development potential. She sees the school as a little treasure chest and wants to take a closer look to make more of it. “There are so many ways to diversify the lessons,” the committed headmistress exclaimed. She is not lacking in new ideas.

In the field of digitization, she can count on her additional qualification as a multimedia consultant. You have already created a curriculum for the media to be included in the core educational concept and have defined the physical requirements for implementation.

good communication

In cooperation with the Office for Education, Sports and Building Management, the fiber-optic connection and WLAN were processed in 2021. Good communication and cooperation with the city of Oberndorf as the school authority, with local kindergartens and primary schools in other parts of the city and with village associations and structures is especially important for Nicole Brummer.

When developing the school’s profile, she chose a tree as a symbol of mutual growth, the school’s interaction with the community, fatherhood, and club life. The youth support program she started before she took office fits this. Shows are well received and range from the fire brigade and table tennis club to singing, cooking, baking and English to helping out with homework.

Brommer is supported by school secretary Diane Reuß, who also works in the Bochingen Primary School Secretariat and in the municipal staff office.

70 students

Aistaiger Primary School has 70 students in four classes. In addition to Brommer, the faculty includes five other teachers. In addition, there is Reverend Andreas Hyde of Fürrensal, who took up religious teaching after the passing of Reverend Yeshua Heep.

The only downside is the space upstairs. The rector’s office is used as a multi-purpose room, which is also the staff room, the tea kitchen and the corridor to the teaching materials room. Bromer was optimistic that he would soon be able to plan a better solution with the school management.

for someone

Born in Rottweil and raised in Wittershausen, Nicole Broomer graduated from Albeck Gymnasium Souls in 2003. She studied German, English and Protestant religion subjects to become a primary and secondary school teacher at Weingarten University of Education and returned to the area due to her ties to her homeland. She completed her legal training at the primary school in Epfendorf.

After her second state exam in 2008, she started her first job at Gochem Law School. Other stops in her career were the Hans Holsworth School in Dornhan and the Primary School in Solz Mülheim.

At Aistaig Primary School, she replaced Acting Principal Manuel Herre in the summer of 2021, who was transferred to Dornhan. He was preceded by longtime principal Joachim Franz, who retired in 2019.

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