Only 1 game lost: ASV Horb women’s volleyball team celebrates championship – sport

ASV Horb women’s volleyball women celebrate the championship (behind left): Vanessa Melkner, Nellie Lehmann, Cora Keeling, Michaela Sabolic, Helena Friese, Monica Spizier, Ingrid Sully, Magdalena Wonderlich; (Front left): Katia Ryder, Isabelle Schmid, Irina Scheidet Source: Unknown

The women’s team from ASV Horb celebrates the championship and thus promotion to Class A. The commitment of player and coach Vanessa Melkner, who made it possible for the team to exist at all, is especially impressive.

After a promising preliminary round, the ASV team was already hoping for a successful season. After only one defeat, the team finally won the championship. According to coach Vanessa Melkner, the keys to this were the excellent team dynamics and mix of long-experienced players and enthusiastic young players.

The team’s winning streak continued until the end of the season. In the last match against VfL Herrenberg, the tournament was already certain. Perhaps this is the reason for the recent defeat. “Of course I wanted to win,” said Melkner. “But at that point we had taken a little off work and Herrenberg deserved to win.” However, there were no signs of disappointment, after the team was finally able to celebrate the championship and toast the title together. In general, the team won 16 of 15 matches, and with just 46 points in the table, it is 17 points ahead of TSV Musberg, who is in second place.

Upgrade to Class A

Now, in addition to celebrating the championship, the team is also facing promotion to Class A. And accordingly, since the end of March, intensive training in the form of athletics and jumping exercises has begun again. We train together twice a week, on Tuesdays and Thursdays. “We are always happy with the new players on the women’s team – the more fun it is.”

Until the start of the season in October, you can still work on a lot. So the goal at the moment is to stay in the league. It would be desirable to place in the middle of the table. Vanessa Melkner doesn’t think the chances of that are bad at all. “It’s a different level, but we know some teams from friendlies and we can definitely compete with them.”

Team dynamics as the key to success

A few years ago, no one expected the team’s success. The team was made up of players between the ages of 18 and 30. Some of them came as newborns, others returned after a long break. In their first season 2018/19, the players were not really in tune with each other and had to get used to each other first. Then the pandemic threw a switch in the works for the 2019/20 and 2020/21 seasons, such that the game either had to be canceled prematurely or could not be played at all. After three years together, a full season could finally start again and the ASV ladies were finally able to show what they could do. Ultimately, team dynamics are also critical to success. Despite the large age range, this is one of the team’s greatest strengths. “There is always a good atmosphere, and we are all really well.” This is especially important for Vanessa Melkner. Because she is not only a coach, but also a passionate volleyball player. As a player-coach I rely on a harmonious team and good team spirit.

A shortage of trainers at ASV

In 2018, Milkner agreed to take on some responsibilities at the club to ensure the division’s survival. Eventually she was appointed head of the department. Being in charge of an entire athletic department plus an entire day of work is quite a challenge. Especially since she is the only coach who takes on most of the youth work, there is not enough time for anything else. “It would be great if we had more coaches.”

Playing and training at the same time has its drawbacks. “As a coach, you can sometimes see better from the outside what isn’t going well,” Melkner explains. But since there was no one else who could take over the position of coach, she had no other choice. “If I didn’t do that, everything wouldn’t be there.”

The successful season will now be widely celebrated on May 14 from 1pm in Sportheim. Salads and drinks are provided, you just need to bring your own food for BBQ. “We are happy with all the friends and acquaintances who are coming. We want to thank everyone who has supported us.”

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