Michael Ballack: What is the problem for Bayern Munich – FC Bayern

The meeting with Michael Ballack (45) took place in Hamburg at the Hotel “The Fontenay” in the Otter Alster. The former “Capitano” of the national team took about two hours for Sport Build. Ballack spoke to reporter Torsten Rumpf about all the important topics in football. The two have known each other for 20 years. On television, Ballack works as a MagentaTV expert at the World Cup, among other things. His main residence is located on Lake Starnberg in Bavaria.

Here are some excerpts from the conversation. You can read the full interview in the current SPORT BILD!


It took Michael Ballack about two hours in Hamburg to work with SPORT BILD and reporter Torsten Rumpf

Photo: Niels Starnick/Bild

Bayern Munich is threatened by a major turmoil, wouldn’t this be an opportunity to compete?

Of course there will be some changes at Bayern Munich for age reasons. It will be a challenge for officials to assess exactly: Who do I plan most with? But other clubs have to do their homework first. And this season there was really no point where anyone could be a threat to Bayern Munich.

What exactly do you mean by challenge to Bayern Munich chiefs?

Thomas Muller’s tenure has now been extended. What’s next for Manuel Neuer? Robert Lewandowski’s personal details are also on the table. They’re aging players, they don’t have to – but they could pose a problem in the near future. Because most of the time, the player loses some quality with age. On the other hand, the importance and prestige of these players should not be underestimated. They have been and remain important to the structure and hierarchy of the team.

How do you rate the image of the German Football Association after all the turmoil in recent years?

I made a lot of mistakes in the overall picture. There are many examples of this. But the fan is more tolerant when the national team succeeds. The deciding factor is performance and the question: How do the players present themselves?

In recent years, there has been a growing feeling that the national team is becoming distant from its fans.

The fans want to identify with the national team, and that can be done with passion. Players have to show it. All the decorations…

For example the “team” slogan that sparks discussions…

Since those responsible must be addressed (DFB Director Oliver Bierhoff; ed.). Clearly, critical questioning hasn’t happened in DFB for long. For example, there was no real sports training by German federation officials when there were no successes in recent tournaments. This was marked, and the main ones were not checked – there was a “keep working”. No body has comprehensively questioned the people involved. That is why I think that the new structures – with regard to the national team – should be taken into account in the German Football Association without separating them from the federation.

How could that look?

In the Bundesliga clubs, for example, there are supervisory boards that deal with sports development. Something like this might also make sense for the FA.

You have been working as an agent player for some time. Your senior sponsor Rudi Fuller said: “Michael Ballack is the perfect coach. When will we see you as a coach on the sidelines?

No one should ever say. But I don’t intend to work as a coach, that’s not on my agenda at the moment.

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