From Irchenhausen to Bad Tolls: Eight Days of Culture – Bad Tolz Wolfratshausen

Jazz with Zwelch

Plays Dave Brubeck, Horace Silver and Charlie Parker bring Thursday, May 12, Peter Zoelch and friends In the Tolzer Kurhaus on stage. This time there will be Marion Dempath (trombone, vocals), Sebastian Heuss (piano), Robert Klinger (double bass), Florian Oppenrieder (drums) and of course Peter Zoelch (saxophone). It starts at 7:30 PM and admission is €15.

Jelly instead of Hanover

Also welcome to Gelting with dreadlocks: Ronja Maltzahn.

(Photo: Zuzanna Badziong / dpa)

Ronja Maltzan is famous for her hair. In March, she had a singer Blue Bird Orchestra They want to appear at the Friday March for the Future in Hanover. However, the organizers labeled their galleries a “cultural appropriation”, and they canceled the party – and suddenly they made Maltzahn known across the country. Thorsten Thane from “Ambush” now has music jelly Invited – not because of her hair but because of her music, he asserts. On Saturday, May 14, Maltzahn will perform his own songs with a small staff, sometimes sentimental, sometimes hilarious, sometimes German, sometimes Spanish, first with the cello, then on the piano. Concert starts with live broadcast at 8pm, admission costs €18, reservations at

Oboe and full orchestra

From Irschenhausen to Bad Tölz: Oboist Giorgi Gvantseladze opened the solo tour in Schäftlarn.

Oboist Giorgi Gvantseladze opened the soloist’s tour of Schäftlarn.

(Photo: Special/Oh)

Says Michael Forster, Technical Director of big spear Concerts. On Saturday 14 May, he will perform the opening ceremony with the Bavarian State Orchestra’s soloist Georgi Gvantsiladze and soloists of the Schäftlarn concerts. The program includes works by Richard Strauss (Preface to Capriccio), Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart (Concertante for Wind Instruments and Orchestra at E flat major, KV 279) and Joseph Haydn (Symphony 104 in D major). As always, the orchestra is made up of musicians from the three major Munich Symphony Orchestras – the Bavarian State Orchestra, the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra and the Bavarian Radio Symphony Orchestra. It starts at 7 pm in the Schäftlarner monastery church. Tickets from €19 are available from the Munich Ticket. The Dallas shuttle leaves the Hohenschäftlarn S-Bahn station at approximately 6:30 p.m. and takes party-goers free of charge to the Abbey and back to the S-Bahn at the end of the party.

“Reiwas” in “Lust”

From Irchenhausen to Bad Tolls: Andreas Winkler, Joseph Steinbacher and Georg Obermüller are from Richersbuern

Andreas Winkler, Josef Steinbacher and Georg Obermüller of Reichersbeuern are the “Reiwas”.

(Photo: Special/Oh)

They play the accordion, guitar, double bass, and polyphonic singing. Show what they can do too riwas, Three boys from Reichersbeuern, on Saturday, May 14, at their CD show in Tolzer “wants”. They explain on their website that their music can be described in terms like Heimatsound, pop, hillbilly, or folk. But her style has evolved “from experimental folk music to something very individual”. Andreas Winkler, Joseph Steinbacher and Georg Obermüller have been making music together since 2009 and don’t get along very well on stage. It starts at 8 pm in the Alte Madlschule. Tickets are available from the stationery Zauner in Bad Tölz, tel. 08041/78140, more information at

Gaudeamus under new management

Melanie Meinl’s new band performs Spring and Peace songs with the vocal band Gaudeamus Music School jirtsred training. On Saturday, May 14, the singers will once again present a full program featuring the songs of John Rutter, Robert Schumann, Bob Chilcot and Gustav Holst, beginning at 6 p.m. in the auditorium of Karl Leder Elementary School. Submission is free. The choir welcomes reinforcements. Rehearsals take place every Tuesday from 6:15 pm to 7:45 pm in the Music School auditorium.

Greetings from Palermo

From Irschenhausen to Bad Tölz: Ricardo Volkert and his band invite you to flamenco, rumba and folk ballads.

Ricardo Volkert and his band invite you to flamenco, rumba and ballads.

(Photo: Special/Oh)

The program, which Ricardo Volkert and his team dubbed “In the Alleys and Bars of the South,” is about poets, bandits, saints and sinners. On Sunday, May 15th, the guitarist and ballad will come to Benzburger City Hall. From 7 pm, the musicians begin a journey through southern Spain. In their luggage: traditional flamenco (Tango, Alegrias), Andalusian folk songs and settings for Spanish-speaking poets (Federico García Lorca, Pablo Neruda, Rafael). Tickets are available for €20/7 from or

International Museum Day

From Irchenhausen to Bad Tolls: A Portrait of Josef Mader

Joseph Mader’s painting “Yellow Birds” from 1927 (Schneider Collection) can now be seen in Penzberg.

(Photo: VG Bild-Kunst/Oh)

The museum celebrates a colorful program for children and adults Binzburg Campendonk Collection Sunday, May 15th, International Museum Day. Children’s interactive tour, 2 adult tours with the current special show “Joseph Mader”, and in good weather, a children’s workshop on reverse glass painting in the museum garden invites you to visit and share. Admission is free, participation in a guided tour costs 5 euros. Information and registration at

Jane in Kurhaus

From Irschenhausen to Bad Tölz: the new album is about the blue gold of the land

The new album of “Ganes” is all about the blue gold of the earth.

(Photo: Christophe Jorda/Oh)

“Or brüm” is the name of the new album swan. This is laden and means “blue gold”. The South Tyrol trio dedicated their new songs to the water – sometimes light and flowing, sometimes strong and catchy. Sisters Elizabeth and Marilyn Schoen have been on stage under the name Gannis for over ten years, and they were joined by guitarist Natalie Plowger for four years. On Thursday, May 19, the three musicians will be at Tolzer Enjoy the Kurhaus Experience, tickets are available for €29.40 from Munich Ticket.

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