Fantastic cycling in Ellmendingen: “Schwalben” celebrates its 125th anniversary with state championships – Sports

Kiltern Elmenden. Who would have thought the Ellmendinger Festival of Cycling could be as challenging as a mountain stage? But the long climb at Detttenhausen also challenged the toughest riders. The sprint races for trophies and medals at the Baden-Württemberg uphill climb to the finish in front of Winzerhalle provided a fantastic cinema for over 2,000 spectators on Sunday. Killtern Mayor Stephen Buchinger, who was able to honor the four “Swallows” on the podium, was also very excited.

The U19 riders started at 8 in the morning. Richard Kimmich of Biberach has become a champion in this age group. David Spadakia of Schwalpen ranked ninth. In the Under-17 race, Benedict Benz, the strongest under-17 driver in Germany, lived up to his favorite role and won the gold medal. Samuel Schulz of Ravensburg and RSV talented Fabrice Gremer also drove well, taking silver and bronze medals. Marvin Witt of Killtern came in 12th.

Address for Augenstein

Schwalbe pioneer Lea-Noel Augenstein won the U19 title, impressing many fans on the racetrack. Katharina Fox (Maxx-Solar Linding Women Racing) won the women’s race, while RSV drivers Katharina Becker and Jennifer Becht finished 11th and 15th.

The winner from the amateurs was Marvin Marks of Merdingen. Jonas Stipe, Julius Klein and Lukas Erlenmayer of Ellmendingen finished seventh, 12th and 33rd, and Oliver Matisse of Wangen won the main race of the Amateur Elite. Johannes Adamitz (Team Sauerland) and Wilhelm Buchmoller from Stuttgart finished second and third.

Photo finish in Ellmendingen: RSV driver Fabrice Gremer (left) takes the bronze at the U17 Championships in a sprint.

Older people were also strongly represented in Ellmendingen. Over 70 of them fought for victory in the three age groups. Daniel Hoon (Coasteriser) won the second division. Mike Krink (RSV Ellmendingen) had a great race, finishing fifth. The winner of the first division 3 was Marcus Westhauser (motocross team). Eckart Blaeu of Ellmendingen finished 14th. Walter Anthony of Neubots dominated the senior class of Race 4. Hans Eberwin and Willie Spaces came in 12th and 17th.

From Holland to Kieltern

The series’ former winner, Benjamin Boss, came to Ellmendingen just in time to start the Bawu Student Cup organized by Sparkassen Versicherung. He started on Saturday in the Ronde van Overijssel 200km road race in the Netherlands (52nd place).

Dominant in the U15s was Friedrich Hess (Rhein Neckar cycling), and second place went to Finn Luca Rins of Outenbach. In the pursuit group race, Schwalbe hopes that Max Tobias Augenstein will not be able to take the bronze. His teammates Noah Reuter and Nick Olschlager finished twenty-first and twenty-sixth.

Domestic title: Lea-Noel Augenstein (centre) won the U19 Championship.

Elisa Spadakia of Team “Schwalbin” finished fifth in the U-15 team. Julian Schmid of Wangen won the U11 race. Strong performances from Theo Turek, Ben Deschner and Janis Turek finished second, sixth and tenth. Theo Turek was also allowed to wear the Paw Student Cup captain’s jersey.

More plans

After race day, RSV Ellmendingen spoke of a successful event and thanked the many helpers and local residents for their support. There was a lot of praise for the organizational team led by Daniel Seyfried and Roland Golder.

Like adults: juniors were also allowed to appear in Ellmendingen. There was a beginner’s race for them.

“With its structure, Ellmendingen is dedicated to higher things, as the German Cyclists’ Association (BDR) would like to host a German Championship, Bundesliga or youth vision race on this selective road once again,” RSV said.

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