Everything you need to know about breaking up

What is a break/break dance?

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ABC of…breaking

Shattered Legend Rooney fills you in with everything you need to know about this unique dance form.

Within the scene, not only “Breaking” was talked about, but also “B-Boying” or “B-Girling”. In addition, there is what the media publish breakdance term; The term imposed on the scene from the outside, by the uninvolved. Some insiders even interpret “breakdance” as aggressive, so you should be careful with your choice of words.
The Fraction terms It always provides plenty of material for discussion. But it only shows that we are dealing with a young and vibrant scene that has plenty of room for further development. So it can happen that dancers from different regions use the same word to refer to different things.

The story of the collapse

Breaking is part of a subculture called hip hop that emerged through the African and Latino communities of New York. Along with MCing, DJing, and “writing” known as “graffiti”, fracking is part of the so-called “Four Elements of Hip-Hop”.

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Hip hop art in 10 minutes

Take a crash course in hip-hop and learn all about the breaking origins of the one-of-a-kind documentary, Breaking the Beat: In The Bronx.

Breaking became popular all over the world when movies like Beat Street and Breakin came into theaters. Since then, we are dealing with a culture that has been on an unstoppable rise and is spreading as a global phenomenon across the globe. breaking competitions It’s bigger than ever: in 2024, discipline will make its debut at the Olympics.

collapse elements

Breaking features an extensive vocabulary of moves, again categorized into Top Rock, Go Downs, Footwork, Freezes, and Power Moves. Many cutters add tricks and twists to their performance.

Ami working with her feet.

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What does “method” mean in breaking and what patterns are there?

The term “style” means the individual interpretation and representation of a dance form by individual dancers. So it’s mainly about how they perform their movements, what gestures they incorporate, how they approach the basic music and how they present themselves during the dance.

When people from the scene talk to strangers, there is often a misunderstanding “Style” means nothing but fashionupon which the performers depend. So context is key to understanding if someone is congratulating you on your moves or equipment.
In the past, a dancer’s style was strongly determined by his peers, his teachers, and his experiences of events. It was regionally restricted and you could tell where the performer was just by looking – sometimes the town or the crew behind it could be identified by style alone. Today, cutters have the opportunity to watch shows from all over the world, recreate them and adopt whatever elements they want to incorporate into their individual style – a playground of possibilities. But you have too Traditional dance styles have a huge impact on Breaking.

What is the “cypher” in breaking?

a cypher in broken It happens exactly when boys and girls form a circle and perform one after another in the middle. It is thus the space where performers can share their styles, exchange ideas and dance freely.
Jazzy Jess foot movement

Jazzy Jess in Cypher

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Documentaries, videos and series about Breaking

If you want to take a look at what Breaking in Action looks like, you have definitely come to the right place. There is a lot of animated material to watch on Red Bull TV.

The main genres of music that the cutters dance to are break beats, funk, rap, and soul. The roots of original beats and samples can be traced back to any existing genre, so finding beats has become an art form that DJs work hard to master.

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Play DJ Fleg best tunes for breaker

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As a dancer, you want to develop the ability to visualize music as best you can – and that’s what we do in the end “musical” Set b-boy / b-girl.

The biggest events in breaking

Nothing compares to the feeling of seeing a broken heart live in a cypher or on stage. There are some really big, regular and old events that you should check out if you want to experience some of the best in the world.

Meet amazing inspiring artists

The Broken Landscape is full of powerful talents who regularly push the boundaries of what is possible – and these artists have truly inspiring stories to tell. You can learn more about this through the links below.

Learn to break and improve your skills

If you are looking to take your skills to the next level, here are some tips from the best cutters in the world:

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