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Festivals can welcome visitors back to Mecklenburg-Vorpommern – as it was before the coronavirus pandemic. But not all guests come in large numbers as hoped. Feelings report.

by Axel Seitz

At the beginning of July, Georges Bizet’s opera “Carmen” premiered at the festival in the garden of Neustrelitz Castle. Theater director Sven Muller is very satisfied with current ticket sales: “We have sold 6,372 tickets so far. If we compare that to the pre-pandemic period for ‘Die Bajadere’ in 2019, 7,554 tickets were sold at the time. This means that we have Ticket sales are 85 percent of what they were in 2019. I think that’s a really good thing given the fact that we’ve been sleeping for two years.”

Tickets for MV Festival highlights are still available

The film “Carmen” in Neustrelitz clearly attracts the audience. At the Mecklenburg-Vorpommern Festival, on the other hand, director Ursula Haselbock still feels a bit hesitant: “Normally we sell about 80 percent of our tickets in November and December. We also use the Christmas business there. Of course it didn’t work that way this time around.” : Lockdown has prevailed and of course people are not buying tickets as usual. Now we have to fill in exactly that gap. We are currently at over 50 percent.”

Before the Corona pandemic, about 85,000 visitors attended the festival’s concerts. The festival is still far from those numbers for now, but Ursula Haselbock remains optimistic: “There are still tickets for all the concerts. Especially with the opening, we can now sell out 100 percent of all tickets instead of 50. Even for the highlights, which usually Sold out immediately, tickets are still available. We are all hoping for a summer like before Corona.”

Störtebeker Festival has good advance sales

They also relied on it Störtebeker Festival at Ralswiek in Rügen. Anna Theresa Heck is the managing director of the Störtebeker Festival and can’t complain about the rush of visitors at the moment: “When we announced that pre-sales had started, there was a huge rush. We were inundated with calls and emails. They are hardly counted. But overall things have become calmer A little bit now. We have the impression that people are waiting more and seeing what’s happening with Corona, what’s new in the events. In general, we are very good at sales, but a lot of them beware, wait and see.”

Neustrelitz theater director Sven Müller also sees this wait, this uncertainty: “I think we all have to get used to a new reality again. We may still be reluctant to go to big crowds. But I hear voices everywhere, saying they want to come I’m sure we’ll see each other.”

The show is there, now the audience just have to go, for example to the opera “Carmen” in Neustrelitz, to the open-air show “Facing the Wolf” at the Störtebeker Festival in Rügen and to the many concerts of the festival all over Mecklenburg-Vorpommern.

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Festspiele Mecklenburg-Vorpommern is a classical music festival held annually at venues in Mecklenburg-Vorpommern. external

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