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Two days before the end of the season, FC Memmingen, threatened with relegation, accepts coach Adelmann’s offer to resign. Isn’t it too late?

A firecracker message on Tuesday evening. At 6 pm, the regional football league announced Memmingen In a press statement, coach Fabian Adelman offered the club, which is threatened with relegation, and the termination of his contract – the Board of Directors and the Sports Administration also approved this offer. The message is blocked to the media until 6:30 p.m., likely because the team and live environment were only notified in the evening.

FC Memmingen and Adelmann pull the rope

So Adelman and FCM pulled the fissure rope. It seems that both sides had no hope of staying in the remaining two games of the season next Saturday at home against 1. FC Nürnberg II (currently ninth place) and a week later in Augsburg The second (x) can still be done.

Although the situation at the top-ranked Allgäu football club had been very critical for several weeks, no one really wanted to realize the gravity of the situation. One heard the slogans of perseverance, and the recent poor results were again blamed on poor refereeing or lack of luck. Last Friday’s bloodless performance in the 0:3 defeat to SV Wacker Burghausen appears to have opened the eyes of many FCM officials.

And even Adelman, who had always been calm and optimistic, recognized the despair. The statement quoted him as saying: “Unfortunately and for various reasons we have not succeeded in making the sporting situation more positive in the short term. Now I would like to give the team and the club the opportunity once again to unite efforts to hold the regional league.”

FCM: Adelmann only came in January

When Adelman offered FC Meimingen to resign and when it was discussed by the board of directors and the sport’s management, the club did not provide any information on Tuesday – not even when asked by our editorial staff. The truth is that Adelman, who only took over as Esad Kahrik on January 1 this year and who only a week ago thought he was already in the new season with his new assistant coach Bernd Meyer, has now offered an early termination for him. Until the summer of 2023, because he knew that staying in the league was almost impossible and that he would be the wrong man for a fresh start even if he was relegated.

No home win under FCM coach Adelman

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Adelman’s record is very poor: in twelve matches under him, FC Memmingen lost seven times, drew four times and won only once. Objectives 6:20 show the dilemma of Adelman’s short era: too weak in defense, too harmless in the storm. The 30-year-old Franconian didn’t get a single match victory in front of the host crowd.

The press release did not discuss Adelman’s drop from 12th to 18th. Not a word about sports misery, not a word of criticism, but just an exchange of compliments: only then the club management thanks the outgoing coach. President Armin Buchmann was quoted as saying: “On a professional and personal level, it has been a perfect fit for us. We would like to thank Fabian for his commitment over the past few months, in what has not been an easy sporting situation, and we wish him all the best in all respects. We are convinced that he is from Through his distinguishing qualities he will follow a successful path in football.”

Adelman also preaches sweets. First, he thanked him for his “open and understanding conversations in this difficult situation” and then for the fact that during his “short time at FC Memmingen, he has come to appreciate the people here”. Warm words that do not quite fit with the current and extremely dangerous situation of FCM. Now sporting director Thomas Reinhardt must make the impossible possible.

He will take charge of the team on a temporary basis in the remaining two matches, just as he did in the fall after the dismissal of Essaad Kahrek. The goal is to climb to one of those two positions that have fallen off the relegation position 16 or 17 in the last two games. SpVgg Greuther Fürth is two points ahead of the FCM, and SC Eltersdorf is three points ahead. Both have only one away match, but against opponents they no longer care about: Eltersdorf at SV Heimstetten, who has already been saved, Fürth at SV Schalding-Heining, who are already relegated. This means: FCM will probably help save only two victories.

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