Can Ukraine really join the European Union?

Hope keeps an entire country alive: Ukraine wants to join the European Union as soon as possible. And President Volodymyr Selinksky has made it clear once again. The European Union is one of the guarantors of freedom, prosperity and security in Europe. But how realistic is this desire? It is not only Foreign Minister Annalina Barbuk (the Green Party), who visited Ukraine on Tuesday, that she is skeptical.

Zelensky hopes his country will receive EU candidate status in June. “WmeWe have taken another step on our way to the European Union, an important step and not just an official one.” His country provided the second half of the answers to the questionnaire that each country has to fill out for the application. It usually takes months, but we completed it within weeks.

Accession: EU promises Ukraine quick review

The 44-year-old said he spoke to European Union Commission President Ursula von der Leyen about it. “I was pleased to hear that our speed will motivate the EU Commission to act with the same speed.”

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First, Brussels has to recommend candidate status to the 27 member states. Then all governments would have to agree, after all, to begin actual accession negotiations. A prerequisite for accession is, among other things, a stable democratic system based on the rule of law, as well as a market economy and the protection of minorities.

Macron does not think Ukraine will join the European Union quickly

However, on the actual accession, the senior politicians are divided. The President of the Bundestag Purple Pass (SPD) supports the desire for rapid accession. After a visit to Kyiv, she made it clear that the procedures should be accelerated in such a way as to show a “real perspective”: “I hope it will not take decades, as Emmanuel Macron supposes.”

During a visit to Berlin, the French president made it clear that he considered Ukraine’s quick acceptance unrealistic. Instead, Macron is proposing a new “cooperation alliance” that does not initially provide for acceptance. One can also introduce to Great Britain. Chancellor Olaf Schultz (SPD) spoke of a “very interesting proposal”.

Ukraine: preparing “Barbuk” in Bucha

Burbock had also stepped on the ecstasy brakes. “Ukraine belongs to the home of Europe,” she said before her flight to Kyiv. But we don’t know when and how it can be done because Ukraine is in a terrible state of war right now.

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On Tuesday, the foreign minister was the first cabinet member to accept an invitation from the Kyiv government. She visited Bucha and Irpin, where Russian soldiers killed dozens of civilians. She declared that the international community would investigate the crimes and hold the perpetrators accountable: “This is the promise that we can and must make here in Bucha.”

Kyiv: German Embassy reopens

In addition, the chief diplomat of the republic announced that the German embassy in Kyiv would immediately resume work. At the moment, however, only with minimal staff. The representation was closed at the beginning of the war.

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