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Name jokes may not be good for decades. But with one who often smiles at her with an unfamiliar smile because of his Norwegian name Haaland savior We mentioned, eventually one may remain in the Bible and in Luther’s translation: “it has finished“So at Borussia Dortmund, they seem mostly relieved that the top scorer in the past two and a half years has – finally – officially announced his move to Manchester City in the Premier League. The constant media interpretation of Haaland’s facial expressions or gestures and transfer rumors change by the hour.

On Tuesday evening, Dortmund still had little privilege of being the first to report the split: officially to shareholders, because securities law requires it, as a “special notice”, as it’s called in the Latin stock market. In any case, BVB stockholders have been told in a German outright announcement that a possible Norwegian changeover in the upcoming fiscal year (ie only from July 1, 2022 to June 30, 2023) will have a “positive impact on earnings numbers” in an “order of 35 to 40 million Euros are expected. The transfer will only be processed after July 1, because only then will the FIFA transition phase begin.

Anyone confused by the always rumored flat transfer fee of €75m hasn’t considered all of this to be primarily business. Dortmund has not officially confirmed the figure of 75 million. The English media are currently reporting an unrealistic €60 million, while other sources are reporting €90 million. Obviously the BVB will have to serve up some of the cake, for example to Haaland’s training clubs FK Bryne, FK Molde and RB Salzburg, but above all in the form of exorbitant advisory fees. Even if the player’s actual advisor, Mino Raiola, died a few days ago of a serious illness. Raiola’s heirs, as well as Erling’s father, Alf-Inge, who was a professional at Manchester City, should be heavily involved in the transfer process. English sources indicate a total of 30-40 million euros that should be raised together for this pool.

Additionally, the tax could come into effect if, after two years of losses due to Corona, the BVB can take profits again in the next fiscal year instead of the capital losses, which in turn could be a carry-over loss. In addition, players enjoy the value of the balance sheet and residual depreciation, just like regular assets. In other words, since the used Haaland player is sold, its residual value must be taken from the balance sheet, which is reflected in the result.

Haaland is unique and irreplaceable one for one

Many Dutch Eredivisie fans and football fans in general are tired of Haaland’s two-and-a-half year draw game because it appears to be emphasizing the ugly, capitalistic side of football and co-winning with consultants and tax offices. Gross or net – an old football joke – what was more? In a thicket of stock exchange, tax and football oversight regulations, something is currently being lost which means the departure of the iconic BVB football prodigy striker. Overall, the Norwegian gave the club a great touch for a while, scoring a lot of goals, 85 in 88 games and 23 assists in the start, and made a good $1 million profit on resale. Now it comes to bridging the gaps in the sport.

Dortmund coach Marco Rose (left) will soon have to dispense with Erling Haaland.

(Photo: Martin Meissner/AP)

It is not single, because Haaland’s brute strength, along with amazingly good technical qualities, is internationally unique despite her height of 1.94 meters. At the same time, quite a few at the club feel that the one-sided style of play, with often rudimentary references to Haaland’s frenzied Torminator, also had its flaws. In fact, Dortmund should play most of their opponents in tight spaces because almost everyone defends hard against BVB. This has rarely worked in games without Haaland.

The team often had no other means other than Haaland’s system. When the 21-year-old has been absent due to injuries in two and a half years (which has happened a total of 18 times, including seven in a row in the current half of the season), coach Marco Rose’s side often looked ill-equipped without the supposed sole artist. Under Haaland, many of the shortcomings were handled very scantly, such as the massive defensive weakness and lack of speed among Haaland’s comrades.

Sporting director Michael Zorc and his designated successor Sebastian Kehl are already working to update the team with the current additions. Almost everyone can play football there, but very few of them can muster football with strength, fitness and will. Midfielders Nico Schlutterbeek and Niklas Sule must ensure massive individual pace and more fitness, as does striker Karim Adeyemi, whose commitment was also announced on Tuesday. In terms of transfer fees, his commitment appears to be based on the thread of Haaland’s transfer to Sheikh Manchester City club. A permanent place can also be expected for A-Junior Jimmy Benoy-Gittens, who should be faster than his footballing twin, Adeyemi.

Coach Marco Rose is viewed critically – could he come up with an idea without Haaland?

They are still looking for a real attacking heart and real six, which is a more obvious classic in front of the enhanced central defense. For ninth place, 19-year-old Frenchman Hugo Eketek from Stade Reims appears to have a slight advantage. PVB president Hans-Joachim Watzke calls him an “exciting player”, but also calls him “courageous” about the move. Ekitike did not have the advantages of Haaland at the same age at the time. Haaland had already scored half of the Champions League on the ground for Salzburg. At least that’s how it feels.

Either way, Dortmund had to rebuild the team after a frustrating season at times. Haaland made millions and at the same time increased its capital of 86 million euros Partnership limited by shares And by issuing new shares last October, the club gave some freedom of movement despite Corona’s losses. Meanwhile, some in Dortmund seem unconvinced by coach Marco Rose’s performance. A somewhat shriveled continuation of his position seemed to be gnashing of teeth, as some wanted a lot of fun ideas, handwriting, and more access to players. Whether Rose would do better without Haaland’s multi-purpose weapon should be crucial. Rose’s potential replacement, former interim coach Eden Terzic, is constantly sitting in the runway as head coach.

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