What is forbidden to the guests?

The hotel is a microcosm: many people from different (cultural) backgrounds come together. In order for the stay to be pleasant for all guests, it is important to treat each other with politeness and respect.

In this article, we have compiled what is and is not allowed in hotels. We also tell you about travel hacks that will make your hotel stay more comfortable.

What can I take with me from the hotel room?

Small shower gels, shampoo bottles, sewing kits, pens, notebooks: you’ll find all sorts of things in the hotel room to ensure an enjoyable stay. But be warned: you are not allowed to take any of these with you, as they are intended for use in a hotel room.

If you still want to take an open shower gel with you, for example, it is better to ask it at the reception. Often this is not a problem after a consultation. By the way: the big hotel chains offer the practical mini shampoo and shower gel in the hotel store.

Shampoo and Co. Dedicated only to your hotel stay. In many hotels you can take opened bottles with you.

Can I take something from the breakfast buffet with me?

Quickly put an apple on the flight or make a sandwich: Some travelers feel encouraged to pack something for the day due to the extensive breakfast buffet. But the rule of thumb is: “No food and drinks are allowed from the breakfast restaurant,” says lawyer Jürgen Benad of the German Hotel and Restaurant Association (Dioga).

People often turn a blind eye to a piece of fruit, but smearing bread is absolutely forbidden! Especially since there are now more and more hotels that offer small snacks on the go for free and are happy to prepare packed lunches on request.

Speaking of breakfast, this situation will probably sound familiar to you: Breakfast doesn’t start until 8am, but by then you want to start your journey. In this case, you can ask the service staff the day before if you can come a few minutes earlier. Most of the time this is possible

Also, please note that it is rude to start a long breakfast just before the end of breakfast time. Keep in mind that employees have other responsibilities, such as preparing lunch.

Putting groceries on the breakfast buffet is a no-go. However, many hotels turn a blind eye to a piece of fruit.

Can I eat the food I brought with me in the hotel room?

It sounds tempting: book a room with breakfast and in the evening simply grab a pizza and eat it in your hotel room. However, this is not a good idea. For hygiene reasons, food you have brought with you is generally not allowed to be eaten in the hotel room or stored in the mini-fridge.

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Many hotels have a restaurant where guests can also dine in the evening, and room service is usually provided for those who prefer the quietness of their rooms. The exception to this is apartments or rooms with a kitchen, which are designed so that something is consumed here.

How often can I change rooms if I don’t like it?

If the room has defects that make staying in it unacceptable, such as mold, you can change rooms in consultation with the front desk. After all, the hotel is obligated to provide the service as advertised.

Whether you are allowed to change rooms again afterwards depends on whether there are also defects in your new room. For subjective or personal reasons such as location and facilities, the hotel can offer you a change, but does not have to.

How do I get a hotel upgrade?

What a great start to your holiday: you check in at the front desk and get a free room upgrade. A few small tricks will help increase your chance of being promoted. For example, you can request a room with an ocean view or a refrigerator, indicating that you will pay for it.