Rüdersdorf (Märkisch-Oderland): The new director wants to bring more culture to the museum garden again

Rüdersdorf (Märkisch-Oderland)

The new director wants to bring more culture to the museum garden again

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Audio: Brandenburg antenna | 10/05-2022 | Park President Stephen Rabsam | picture: documentary film

The heart of the Museums- und Kultur GmbH in Rüdersdorf is the Museum Park. Now a new manager has taken over and two years after Corona, he wants to attract more visitors and residents to the park with cultural performances.

The Museums- und Kultur GmbH Rüdersdorf (Märkisch-Oderland) has appointed a new Managing Director since Tuesday. The former General Manager, Frank Schaal, was relieved of his duties at his request. According to the municipality, it was agreed not to disclose the background of the personnel change. Stephen Rabsam is in charge of management for a short period. He has been managing city marketing since April and is the head of the City Hall’s cultural office.

Investments in antiquities

In the budget report, he comments on investments that would increase the attraction of the museum park. “There isn’t much room for improvement. It’s a local LLC and we have to make sure we still look for financing in many places, because this pile of shaft kilns with 21 kilns, visible from afar, is the heart of the factory. Half of it is in danger of collapsing and we have to To see if protecting the memorial will help us again or if we’re going to get some kind of federal program.” Rudersdorf alone could not afford the costs. Rübsam expects only an order of one to two million euros for the column furnace battery.

The 1950s-style cultural center on Interstate 10 will also be used again after years of being closed. At the beginning of June, on Pentecost, there will be the first concert there. “So we can still use it this year and then it’s supposed to be revamped. But it’s not going to shut down completely and we’re gradually trying to have events in it. It still smells like East and East, and it will be. Restore it that way.”

More culture and society two years after the pandemic

The museum’s park itself still offers jeep tours or interactive lessons in history at the former cold stone mining. But then, there should be more culture in the garden in the future, according to the new manager. “We need to get more people here and that helps when we organize events. We also do more concerts so people can explore the park and see all these interesting industrial attractions.”

Rübsam also wants to launch increased shows for children and families, for example during the holidays. It could also envision working more closely with universities to implement educational programs on the subject of mining. But money has to be made for that, too.

Rübsam also wanted to address Rüdersdorfer. Two years in the Corona pandemic had left their mark. Although the time was used up at work, many events were cancelled. Now the community in the park should be revived and regional clubs should take part more, for example in the Mountain Festival.

Broadcast: Anten Brandenburg, May 10, 2022, 2:40 p.m.

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