Honey and Histamine: You Should Know It

You can safely take honey if you have a histamine intolerance. Here you can find out why honey is suitable for a low histamine diet and which low histamine vegetarian alternatives are available.

at Histamine intolerance It is necessary to pay attention to the diet to avoid intolerance reactions.

Histamine is a messenger substance in the human body and is involved in controlling various processes. The substance is produced by the body itself, but it is also ingested through food. An enzyme in the gut breaks down histamine ingested through food. In case of intolerance, this process is disturbed and histamine accumulates in the body, which can lead to allergic reactions.

Therefore, people who are intolerant to histamine should eat foods with the lowest possible proportion of histamine. Does this include honey?

Honey contains little histamine

According to the Independent Health Advice Association, histamine can be found in food in two ways:

  1. Some foods like tomatoes or spinach They naturally contain histamine.
  2. In other foods, histamine is only made by bacteria. These break down the amino acid histidine and turn it into histamine. Amino acids Like histidines are the building blocks of proteins. Therefore, a lot of histamine is also formed in foods rich in protein. Histamine formation also occurs in foods that are produced using bacterial or yeast cultures, such as wheat beer, sauerkraut, or long-ripened cheese.

So, if you have a histamine intolerance, you can be sure to eat foods that contain histamine. On the other hand, you can prefer foods that contain little protein, because less histamine is formed in them because the nutrient medium (amino acids in proteins) is missing.

Honey is an example of such a food, as 100 grams contain only 0.3 grams of protein. The bacteria thus lack the essential charge to convert histidine to histamine. Another advantage is that honey has an antibacterial effect. This reduces the chance of histamine formation.

So you can incorporate honey well into a low histamine diet.

honey substitutes

There are many low histamine alternatives to honey that are also vegan.
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The honey is largely imported because honey from Germany does not meet our needs. Then the imported honey comes mostly from the Global South. However, long and polluted transportation routes as well as local farming and poor working conditions make imported honey not a good choice. More on this here: Honey: 15 Important Facts – Healthy or Unhealthy? Calories? vegetarian? organic?

Therefore, a few things to keep in mind when buying honey or using vegan honey substitutes:

  • With fair dealOrganic seals and seals You can be sure that the honey has been produced under fair working conditions. In addition, certified organic companies dispense with synthetic chemical companies InsecticidesWhich means that no harmful residues end up in the honey. Honey from a local apiary is also a good option, as you are supporting local bee colonies and beekeepers. You can learn more about the different types of honey here: Honey – from a beekeeper next door, organic or fair trade – comparison
  • Honey is not vegan as it is an animal derived product. But there are many vegan alternatives that also contain a bit of histamine. This is for example sugar substitute products How do agave syrupAnd Maple syrupAnd Rice drink Or buckwheat syrup.

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